Thursday, June 26, 2008

Last bits

Goofy sleeping pictures are my favorite. I went in to check on Madison the other night and this is what I found. I just cracked up. I can't figure out how her leg didn't want to fall off, but she slept all night long.

This is Hunter's version of "The Crawl." He shows off all his mad skills in this video, yes, that is my son squealing, not my daughter....He gets up in the crawling position, rocks back and forth, then proceeds to plop back down on the ground and army crawl to whatever he wants. He also growls when he gets frustrated....I love it.

Here comes the bride, all dressed in white.....

Parker and Jessica finally got married! Yeah! We are so excited to have Jessica join our family. We absolutely adore her, and we like Parker too. They had a wonderful wedding day, everything was perfect. This is our favorite picture from the wedding. They were walking towards us to come say hi and have some pictures taken and Parker got to hold the bouquet and I guess wanted to smell it. I got him to reinact it so that I could get a quick picture. It has become my favorite, so thank you Parker for humoring your crazy sister-in-law, and congratulations for deserving such an amazing girl.

Parker and Jessica had their reception in Craig and Kathy's back yard. It was beautiful. In preparation for the big day Craig mowed the lawn countless times. At least this time he had a riding lawnmower. For Ryan and I's reception it had broken and all 3 boys were out there with Craig using hand mowers to do the final mow. Ryan still complains about that....yes, that is probably the big reason that we have a yard guy now. He gets a yard guy and I get a cleaning lady, it's fair in this household. Anyway, back to the story. Madison got such a kick out of the lawnmower and Craig offered to take her for a ride and let her drive, she was a little nervous but jumped right on and had so much fun. They had to stop after a few rows and empty the grass bags. Madison was so funny, she would pick up the few grass blades that would fall out of the handful and put them in the garbage can. I kept telling her that is was okay if a few got away, but she appointed herself in charge of getting every shred off of the lawn.

Oh, the things we do....

Well, we are leaving for Hawaii tomorrow morning, EARLY, and I can't leave without updating the blog....we have been here, there and everywhere with lots of fun stories to tell.
I got so tired of looking at the hole in Madison's hair, so I finally took her to the salon and got it fixed. I knew we would be taking tons of pictures with the wedding, and hopefully a family picture too. I think she looks great, and I am finally figuring out how to style it so it looks cute. Here are some before and after pictures.

Hunter has started doing this thing with his tongue, it cracks us up....he just sticks it out and plays just happy as can be. I got him on camera after about 10,000 trial pictures. He gets so excited when I get the camera out that he just stops what he is doing and smiles really big. What a ham.....I was trying to get him on video doing zerberts with his mouth, he entertains himself forever when he gets going. But every time I try he stops. I have to sneak up on him and get it that way.

The framing was supposed to be finished on our new house this week. I haven't had time to go out and see it, but here it is with the first story completed. I love seeing the progress on it. Not much longer and we will be all moved in! Yeah! we noticed on this trip out that the house is quite a bit closer to the road than any of our neighbors. That means we get a larger back yard, we are super excited about that. We figure we could care less about the front yard, it's not like we use it like we do the back yard. And....we still have the handicap parking sign up on the wall. I think I might ask the builders if we can keep it since Ryan loves it so much, hmmmm.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Our new house.....

They finally broke ground on our new house....YEAH! We went and met with the contractor on Friday and got to see the cement slab, woo hoo! I didn't take a picture of the cement slab when we were there last week. Ryan's favorite part of the lot we ended up with is the Handicap sign on our fence. Personally, I dig the port o potty. We got the very last home in the neighborhood (which is how we got a killer deal), our lot was previously the sales office location.

They start framing this week and we should be able to move in at the end of August, beginning of September. We are so excited! We have a great house now, but it is just so cramped. I tell Ryan all the time that we are "stuff" people. We just can't get rid of anything (books, movies, cds). You can click on this link and take the interactive tour to see what our house should look like finished. We are not in Timber Creek (don't actually even know where that is, but it shows our floor plan). We are excited......I get a project room!!!!! No more sewing at the kitchen table and eating at the coffee table.

Blog templates

So, if you haven't noticed already I cannot stop playing around with the template on our blog. I am just trying to find something that I absolutely love. Any good ideas for websites that offer free templates????? I see all the cute ones ya'll use and I want some good ones to choose a girl out!

Antics in Aingeworld

This week has been crazy!!! My kids have kept me rolling with all of their antics. They definitely get cuter every day.

Madison was getting ready for church on Sunday and we asked her to get 3 books to take with her. She looked up at Ryan and said, but Daddy, I need 4 books so I won't get grumpy. Ryan looked at me and we about died. It is hard to get your kids to take you seriously when you laugh at the things they do. So here she is holding her books and her princess doll that she took to church.

Hunter has been going crazy on his jumpy chair. He gets going on that thing and just has so much fun! Here is a video of what I hear all day long. I call him my little jumping bean!

At the end this is what he looks like.....

He also got his first cookie to gnaw on this week. He has been teething and he just wants to gnaw on everything, so hey, why not the biter cookies right? He made a mess! But he had so much fun and Ryan and I got 15 min of quiet time together. Pure bliss.....
We are so close to having a crawler on out hands! He is trying and trying. Today he started moving one knee, he just hasn't figured out to move his hands. He will get in the crawling position, grunt and groan because he is a boy after all, rock back and forth then fall forward a few inches. It works, he gets to his toys. Every time I try to get a good movie he just looks at the camera and smiles. He definitely knows what to do! He just won't move for me!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Parker and Jessica

Madison just loves her Uncle Parker and soon-to-be Aunt Jessica. They came to visit us a few months back and just kept us rolling with her funny comments. These are my two favorite stories from that weekend. Thanks for reminding me about them!

Parker, Jessica, Madison and I were sitting in the living room talking. Madison was playing with her activity book, seemingly in her own little world. We were joking around and Parker quoted Scarface and said "Say hello to my little friend." Even if you haven't seen the movie I can imagine you have heard the phrase with the accent. Madison just pops her little head up and as sweet as can be says, "I can say hello to my little friends." We about died. It was so entertaining.

Madison is just so in love with Jessica. She loves to give her hugs and show her all of her toys and get her to read stories. When they were here the last morning she went in and woke Jessica up (sorry!). They played on the tv room couch for a little bit while Parker slept in the den on the other couch. After a bit Jessica tells Madison that she is going to take a shower and get dressed. She goes in to the bathroom and about 2 minutes later, if that, Madison goes and sits outside the bathroom door. She starts calling out, "Jessica, are you dressed yet" over and over again. Parker said he started counting and quit after 20 times. If you have ever been around Madison you know how she will repeat herself indefinitely until she gets an answer. After her 20-some odd times she stops. Parker was so relieved. However, about 30 seconds later it starts up again. He said he got so fed up that he finally got out of bed and went to play with her. Poor Parker! Where was I, you ask? Sleeping of course. It wasn't even 8 o'clock in the morning yet! I didn't hear a thing. If children can have parental deafness, I say parents can have child (?) deafness.

It's Hunter Time

There have been so many postings of Madison, I figured it was only fair to show off Hunter.

Yesterday he was in his jumpy chair and started getting tired (he goes to bed at 8pm on the dot), so he folded his hands and laid his head down. It was so sweet. I grabbed the camera, but he got so excited when he saw it that he started jumping up and down and smiled so cute. At least you get to see his cute smile!

He just loves being a big boy and sitting all by himself. He will only play in his chairs for so long before he lets me know that he wants out and wants to be a big boy. He likes sitting on the floor and playing with toys. Could be worse, he could want to be held all the time....

Magnificent Madison

During graduation Mrs. Joy shared a name for each of the kids and how that was applicable to their personalities. Madison got Magnificent, I really enjoyed the description of her, which was dead on.

Peanut Butter & Jelly

This is Madison's funny story from preschool that her teacher shared with us. I was expecting her to say she had a little brother during Thanksgiving.

Preschool Graduation

Madison had her preschool graduation last week. It was so darling! They sang the parents a few of their favorite songs and each kid got a medal and graduation certificate. The song in this video is one she sings all the time around the house, and my favorite part of this video is how the other kids are standing still or sitting down, and there is my little girl dancing all over the place. I think it is about time for dance classes.

This one just has her being little miss helpful with one of her preschool friends. This just shows her personality.

Feeding time

We give Hunter a bottle once a day. He just started holding it himself, which I think is one of the cutest things little babies do. He is just growing up so fast!

Let's go to the movies

Madison is not one to watch movies. She just can't sit still(hmmm, wonder where she got that???) We took her to see the new Indiana Jones movie...she was great during the previews when she had her own popcorn and drink and candy. Once she finished that off it was all down hill. I have to say, it was the best she has been, but trying to keep her from distracting other viewers about takes everything out of me. She did fall asleep the last two minutes of the show, go figure!

Nap time in the car

I never get tired of all the cute ways kids sleep. This is how Madison slept in her booster when we were driving up to Utah for Collin's graduation. I had to snap a picture, it was just too funny.

computer games already?????

I walked in the tv room where Hunter was and found that he had scooted himself over to Madison's computer keyboard. Now I worry that this is a hint of what is to come...boys and their computer games.