Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oh, the things we do....

Well, we are leaving for Hawaii tomorrow morning, EARLY, and I can't leave without updating the blog....we have been here, there and everywhere with lots of fun stories to tell.
I got so tired of looking at the hole in Madison's hair, so I finally took her to the salon and got it fixed. I knew we would be taking tons of pictures with the wedding, and hopefully a family picture too. I think she looks great, and I am finally figuring out how to style it so it looks cute. Here are some before and after pictures.

Hunter has started doing this thing with his tongue, it cracks us up....he just sticks it out and plays just happy as can be. I got him on camera after about 10,000 trial pictures. He gets so excited when I get the camera out that he just stops what he is doing and smiles really big. What a ham.....I was trying to get him on video doing zerberts with his mouth, he entertains himself forever when he gets going. But every time I try he stops. I have to sneak up on him and get it that way.

The framing was supposed to be finished on our new house this week. I haven't had time to go out and see it, but here it is with the first story completed. I love seeing the progress on it. Not much longer and we will be all moved in! Yeah! we noticed on this trip out that the house is quite a bit closer to the road than any of our neighbors. That means we get a larger back yard, we are super excited about that. We figure we could care less about the front yard, it's not like we use it like we do the back yard. And....we still have the handicap parking sign up on the wall. I think I might ask the builders if we can keep it since Ryan loves it so much, hmmmm.


atsimms said...

I love Madison's hair. It looks so cute. Your house is coming along fast! So fun.

Prolix Prone said...

Amanda, I converted a couple of Madison pictures into black and white. What's your e-mail address so I can send them to you?