Monday, May 16, 2011

Sometimes it's just a rough day

What do pirates say?

Hunter LOVES his "Pirate Shirt."  So the other day I was teaching him to say "Aargh" and "Ahoy, Mateys."  Well, he got a little confused and when I asked him what pirates say, instead of saying "Ahoy, Mateys," he said "Holy Ghost."  So now when we ask him what pirates say he says, "Aargh and Ahoy, Mateys not Holy Ghost."

He cracks me up.

Smile Hunter, I'm going to put this on the blog

A week or so ago Madison was playing around while I made breakfast and this is what happened.....

She grabbed her camera and said to Hunter, "Smile Hunter, I'm going to put this on the blog." 

I had to laugh and then I grabbed my camera and proceeded to grab a picture that would actually go on the blog (her camera was out of batteries).