Thursday, June 26, 2008

Here comes the bride, all dressed in white.....

Parker and Jessica finally got married! Yeah! We are so excited to have Jessica join our family. We absolutely adore her, and we like Parker too. They had a wonderful wedding day, everything was perfect. This is our favorite picture from the wedding. They were walking towards us to come say hi and have some pictures taken and Parker got to hold the bouquet and I guess wanted to smell it. I got him to reinact it so that I could get a quick picture. It has become my favorite, so thank you Parker for humoring your crazy sister-in-law, and congratulations for deserving such an amazing girl.

Parker and Jessica had their reception in Craig and Kathy's back yard. It was beautiful. In preparation for the big day Craig mowed the lawn countless times. At least this time he had a riding lawnmower. For Ryan and I's reception it had broken and all 3 boys were out there with Craig using hand mowers to do the final mow. Ryan still complains about that....yes, that is probably the big reason that we have a yard guy now. He gets a yard guy and I get a cleaning lady, it's fair in this household. Anyway, back to the story. Madison got such a kick out of the lawnmower and Craig offered to take her for a ride and let her drive, she was a little nervous but jumped right on and had so much fun. They had to stop after a few rows and empty the grass bags. Madison was so funny, she would pick up the few grass blades that would fall out of the handful and put them in the garbage can. I kept telling her that is was okay if a few got away, but she appointed herself in charge of getting every shred off of the lawn.

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