Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Time out!

The last few days have been kind of rough and I needed a pick me up. So, I watched my favorite comedian on YouTube for a little bit. I am putting in my favorite clip just in case any of you need a laugh today. This is one of my favorite bits that he does. Enjoy!

Splish, Splash

He still hasn't quite decided if he likes bathtime, but he is just so cute in the sink trying to figure out how he can push himself out!

Well, she finally did it

Madison finally cut her own hair. I just can't believe it. She knows better than to use the sissors we have out of her reach, but the other day she found the little tray in my sewing machine, which, of course, has the little sewing sissors in it. I asked her why she did it and she told me that "she wanted to see if they were toys." Smart, but at the same time why did she decide to try it on her hair????? I trimmed the front chunk to give her wispy bangs, not so bad, but she also took a chunk out of the back of her head. I can kind of cover it up, but it just makes me so sad....her hair just doesn't grow very fast. She will be 8 before it recovers!

Mommy, take our picture!

Madison is constantly sitting down by Hunter and yelling, "mommy, take our picture!" It is really cute, most of the time she mimics whatever he is doing. Except, the other day, she was laying down on him saying, "remember when we got our pictures taken like this?" I told her that Hunter laid on her back, not the other way around.

Look what I can do now!

Hunter can just about sit himself up now, YEAH!!! He still needs a little bit of help, but he is gettting pretty good at this sitting thing.

Girl's day out

Madison is such a girly girl. She loves makeup and dresses and pretty shoes. Most days I have to put chapstick on her lips (she prefers lipgloss, but I negotiate down), sheer eyeshadow, and mascara. I finally figured out that she can't tell if she actually has mascara, so we pretend. Well, we went in to Ulta the other day (it's my happy place) and she went a little crazy with the eye makeup. I had to get a picture 'cause it was just so bad! She just thought she looked so pretty.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Slackin' blogger

So I have gotten really behind on our blog. I have all of these projects that are sitting around driving me crazy. I have learned that if I leave a project out long enough two things will happen. Ryan will start to get on me, and I will finish it eventually. Well, I finished this one over the weekend, finally! I was quite excited.....on to the next one now.

So, here are my updates. Enjoy the antics of the past few weeks.

Nap time for Madison

I totally still bribe Madison to get her to take naps. Usually she gets some sort of little treat, but that hasn't been working. So now she gets to watch a movie or a show. I am not huge on letting her watch a ton of TV, but really, one show a day won't hurt, and she gets her sleep. It has saved my sanity.

She was trying to watch her movie today and Hunter would not stop crying. She wanted him to sit next to her. Low and behold, he calmed right down when I sat them next to each other. This lasted all of 3 minutes, but hey, I'll take it.

My favorite part of this picture is the fact that Madison is holding his hand. I thought that was soooo adorable.

Memphis, what happened?????

So, apparently dining on gummy bears and skittles instead of real food isn't championship behavior, ROSE!!! There was a day of mourning in our home when Memphis lost the championship to Kansas. Seriously, what happened???? Anyway, I had taken a picture of the kids in their Memphis gear as we supported the team all the way out here in the desert. It was a sad day for us all. I would say better luck next year, but Rose and CDR are going to the NBA. Yeah, good luck with that since you neither could make one of the four game winning free throws!

On a lighter note, the kids looked cute....Madison is still obsessed with her Memphis socks. I have had to tell her that you don't wear socks with flip flops. Its not like we live in Utah!

Madison, stop torturing your brother!

...but mom(the most heard phrase in our house), he likes it, see he is smiling....aargh!

Dress up

Madison loves playing with her friends. Her favorite thing is to play dress up. She went to one of her boy friend's homes to play and was so excited because he had dress up clothes. Today a different boy friend came over to play and she was trying to convince him to put her scrubs on and play doctor. He just looked at her funny and they found something else to do. She is funny, when she plays with girls she puts on her princess stuff, and with boys she goes for her scrubs.

Nap time!

Okay, so here is our little guy sleeping. This is one of my favorite things about babies. He can fall asleep anywhere, see above where he fell asleep while he was playing.

Here he was sleeping on his chin! He had his head propped up on the edge of his crib, I was cracking up, after I checked to see if he was still alive!

Lately he wants to sleep on his side at the very end of the crib. If I put him anywhere else he wiggles around until he gets in this position. I finally got smart and just put him this way when he goes down for bedtime.

Once he falls asleep this is what he looks like. I love this picture. He likes to kick off his blankets and put his feet in the air, all while sucking his thumb. It doesn't get much cuter than this folks!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Ellen in action

This is one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time. Thank you Emily for sharing this on her blog. I laughed so hard I cried, both times I watched it. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Say cheese!

Madison got a camera for Christmas this year. She loves taking pictures. She likes to play with it in the car, and ends up taking pictures of her movies. This picture reminded me of one of the funniest things she did.

She was watching Little Einstein's one morning, and they ask interactive questions. They asked a yes or no question and she answered no. Obviously they expect kids to say yes, so they said great, lets go (or something to that effect). Madison gets so upset and says to the tv, "I said no!" I about fell down laughing, you had to hear her when she did it, she just expected the tv to hear her and the Little Einstein's to act accordingly.

Playing the big bucks

So, Madison LOVES money. She carries pennies around almost every day. Yesterday I went in during nap time to see why she wasn't sleeping. She was playing with her money. I still remember almost two years ago her Great Grandpa Jerry gave her a $5 bill to buy a toy with. She took it from him, put it in her pocket, and held out her hand for more. It was embarrasing, but something to laugh about.

I wonder if I should worry about that trait. She has already discovered the slot machines. It is her favorite toy at Grandma Ainge's house.

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