Sunday, July 19, 2009

Random funny stories

This little monster is just getting in to everything. His new favorite game is to sit at the top of the stairs and throw all the toys down on the tile. Needless to say, a few things have gotten broken. If the toy won't fit through the banister then he reaches up on his tippy toes and throws the toy over the railing. He doesn't listen to no, and I just don't know how to break this habit. It's not like I can keep him away from the railings. The toy room is right there where the railings are. It's driving me nuts. Every now and again I'll be going up or down the stairs and a toy will barely miss me. So fun.....

Over Christmas Hunter was sitting with Ryan he grabbed Ryan's soda bottle, determined to get some for himself. I looked over while he was doing it and it looked like he has gotten it open, so I freaked out. Ryan just looked at me like I was the crazy one! He couldn't believe that I would think he gave our barely one year old his soda. All I could say was that from my angle he looked like he was drinking away. It was so funny, plus, it made a really cute picture.

A month or so ago we were headed out to the drive in for family movie night. Ryan and I were talking and Madison interrupts us with "Mommy, I can read lot's of words. McDonald's, Burger King, Cafe Rio, Chevy's, Wendy's, Sonic, Taco Bell, Chili's. See, I can read lots of words." Nice, I know. I'm not exactly sure what I am trying to teach my children anymore, but I'm pretty sure I'm trying to teach them more words than simply restaurant names. Granted, we do eat at those places, more than we should, but still...

Ryan and I couldn't keep a straight face for the rest of the night...Out of the mouth of babes, right?

This moment rated right up there with the time Madison told me I needed to get a coke because coke makes me nice. Apparently I was grumpy that day.

My other favorite Madison story from last year happened at church one Sunday. I can't remember if I have blogged this one, but I will tell it anyway.

We were sitting on a bench to one side and Mads had been really good during sacrament and about halfway through there was a musical number. The person doing it had gotten up and said a few words and born his testimony before the number started. It was just him and his guitar, which isn't normal for musical numbers, but it was one of the most heart touching musical numbers I had ever heard at church. Anyone, he started playing and singing and Madison moved out into the aisle and totally went American Idol on us. She had her arms up, swaying back and forth just like on TV. I grabbed her so fast, I'm still hoping not too many people saw. Ryan and I were bent over on our seats laughing. What could I do? It's not like she did something wrong, it was just not the appropriate place for that. It was so funny!