Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Antics in Aingeworld

This week has been crazy!!! My kids have kept me rolling with all of their antics. They definitely get cuter every day.

Madison was getting ready for church on Sunday and we asked her to get 3 books to take with her. She looked up at Ryan and said, but Daddy, I need 4 books so I won't get grumpy. Ryan looked at me and we about died. It is hard to get your kids to take you seriously when you laugh at the things they do. So here she is holding her books and her princess doll that she took to church.

Hunter has been going crazy on his jumpy chair. He gets going on that thing and just has so much fun! Here is a video of what I hear all day long. I call him my little jumping bean!

At the end this is what he looks like.....

He also got his first cookie to gnaw on this week. He has been teething and he just wants to gnaw on everything, so hey, why not the biter cookies right? He made a mess! But he had so much fun and Ryan and I got 15 min of quiet time together. Pure bliss.....
We are so close to having a crawler on out hands! He is trying and trying. Today he started moving one knee, he just hasn't figured out to move his hands. He will get in the crawling position, grunt and groan because he is a boy after all, rock back and forth then fall forward a few inches. It works, he gets to his toys. Every time I try to get a good movie he just looks at the camera and smiles. He definitely knows what to do! He just won't move for me!

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atsimms said...

So FUN! My sister has that bouncy chair and Davis LOVES it. I love that he wore himself right out! So cute!