Monday, June 2, 2008

It's Hunter Time

There have been so many postings of Madison, I figured it was only fair to show off Hunter.

Yesterday he was in his jumpy chair and started getting tired (he goes to bed at 8pm on the dot), so he folded his hands and laid his head down. It was so sweet. I grabbed the camera, but he got so excited when he saw it that he started jumping up and down and smiled so cute. At least you get to see his cute smile!

He just loves being a big boy and sitting all by himself. He will only play in his chairs for so long before he lets me know that he wants out and wants to be a big boy. He likes sitting on the floor and playing with toys. Could be worse, he could want to be held all the time....

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All of your posts are so great! I loved the little videos of Madison. She and Nicholas are a lot alike - but instead of dancing, he hops! Hunter is getting so big so fast. What a sweet little guy. I sure miss you and wish we could get together someday soon!
Love you!