Monday, June 25, 2012

Yummm, popcorn

To continue on my shopping posts, here is how I get shopping done at Target.  Popcorn is my favorite option because it can be eaten SLOWLY.  It usually lasts about half the trip.  

I get the biggest kick out of how incredibly cute she is as she eats.  Isn't it funny how adorable babies/toddlers are as they eat????

Shopping fatigue

This is how we convince our kids that going shopping with us is NOT the most boring thing in the world.  We bring LOTS and LOTS of quarters with us.

I picture, mommy

Presley gets incredibly jealous when I take pictures of the other kids doing, she has begun demanding a photo be taken of her every time I pull out the camera.  "I picture, mommy.  I picture."

Then of course she has to see the photo on my phone or camera, just like the older two.  It's funny what they pick up at earlier and earlier ages due to older siblings.

So here is her posing for a random picture simply because I took one of her older sibling.  She's so stinkin' cute.