Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We couldn't resist

The kids looked so cute this past Sunday that we had to get a picture. I also sucked it up and allowed a family picture to be taken since my sister was in town and could take it for us. We get so few of them as it is......I just can't get over how dang cute our kids are. It's hard to believe they are mine.

I lied, I do have a favorite.....

I always swore that I wouldn't have a favorite child. I lied, I have one now.....

Who do I pick as my favorite??????

I pick Hunter. Why, you ask? Because Hunter was accommodating enough to come 6 days early when I was pregnant with him. Madison was a week late, to the day, and this little one is still not here and I am officially due in 2 days. So, I pick Hunter. I don't care how horrible a mother that makes me. I want the use of my hands back, I'm tired of them being numb. I want to breathe again. I want to sleep when I get to sleep. I want to be able to pick thing up off the floor again, heck, I'd be happy to be able to sit without pain. I want to not have to focus 100% of my attention on my body to make sure the baby is moving, my water hasn't broken, contractions haven't started and a million other things you have to watch for at this stage of pregnancy. I want the pain over with so I don't have to have continual dread of what's to come filling up my days.

Call me cranky and selfish, but I don't care. I've earned it.

What brought this on? My doctor's appointment this morning. My body has not changed in 3 weeks. Apparently I am never going to deliver this kid, I'm just going to be pregnant forever. Well, at least until next Friday when he's inducing me whether I want him to or not. I don't think I can make it 9 more days.

I'll shut up now, every now and then my brattiness comes out full force and today is one of those days.