Tuesday, February 3, 2009

On the Road Again

Yep, O is for On the Road Again...we traveled so much last year and loved every minute of it. We won't be traveling quite so much this year, but we are so grateful for the memories we made during each of our trips. I looked at our calendar last night and noticed that the month of February is empty. I mean EMPTY, I have 2 birthday's and Valentines day on it. I turned to Ryan and told him I was bored just looking at the calendar.

I don't have the time, nor the inclination, to recap each of our trips last year, but several of them are already posted on our blog. Here it is, though, our year in travel:

Ariane and Brian came to visit (That's a picture of the three of us at the top of the Stratosphere at dusk)

St. George for MLK weekend with Thomas and Amy (We have done this for the last 4 years and I finally got our first picture this year, stay tuned for a posting dedicated to all of our fun with the Simms' family)

Ryan's birthday trip to Memphis for the University of Memphis vs. University of Tennessee basketball game

Allie came to visit for her 21st birthday

Easter Party in Utah

Amily and Aunt Lori came to visit

Utah for Collin's graduation

Memphis in May canoe race

Utah for Parker's wedding

Hawaii ( here is another one )

Alyssa and Colin come to visit

Omaha/ Bemidji/ Minneapolis/ Des Moines (it was exhausting but awesome)



We moved, I count that as a "trip" but not a vacation because I cannot count the amount of trips I made from our old house to our new house with a car full of stuff and two kids

Dad and Ariane come to visit (we always hit up In and Out Burger when they come, this time Hunter got a hat, I think he ate more of his burger than Madison did, too)

Utah ( see this post too! )

New York City (I know my post says part 1, there will be more when I make some time to put it all together)

Ainge family comes to Thanksgiving

Utah for the Ainge family Christmas party

Tennessee for Christmas

Whew! We had lots of fun travels and a few different visitors, hopefully this year will have more visitors and less visiting! We love our family and really enjoy all of the time we get to spend with them each year, I wouldn't trade the exhaustion, hassle, and messed up schedules for anything.

As I link up all of these I must say how impressed I am with myself, I was worried that I didn't have all of these posted, but I had most of them. Yeah! I will blog about December's trips when I finally finish this darn Year End recap.

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