Friday, November 7, 2008

I heart October

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October has become my favorite month. It has so many fun things for the kids and I to do. I would love to say that I love that it cools off, but 90* is not considered fall weather in most states. But hey, I'll take it. So, in commemoration of my favorite month here is my list of what I loved most about this year.

1. I no longer mind wearing 5 layers of clothing everyday. I still don't love it, but at least it is not 115* out when I end up wearing layers to make sure I am all covered up. For those of you not in Ut or NV, here is my favorite company for putting layers together. If you want to order through my girl you get an extra % off your complete order.

2. The Pumpkin Patch. Now, for most of the world a pumpkin patch is where you go in a field, pick out a pumpkin and I guess have someone cut it off the vine for you. In Vegas the PP is in the parking lot of the Sunset Station Casino and has rides for the kids. We have gone for the last 4 years and it is something we look forward to each year. It is usually super expensive to spend time there, you can blow through $20 in about 15 minutes, but if you get a group of 10 kids together you can do an hour unlimited for $6.50. We went 4 times this year, we love it! They have a petting zoo, a jumpy slide & house, cars, swings and buckets. It is really cute, plus your kid gets a baby pumpkin and water with the $6.50. Totally worth it!

2.5 The Pumpkin Patch at Thanksgiving Point in Utah. We went to Cornbelly's this year and oh, my goodness, it was so cute! Also, it was SO cold. You know, we live in Vegas, it was still 95* for us, I did not think about how cold it gets at the Point of the Mountain. Mapleton wasn't that bad so I figured we were dressed appropriately. Yeah, I was wrong. We were all so cold and I did not bring extra layers for the kids. I am so unprepared sometimes, it makes me think that maybe we should have to get licenses to raise kids! Oy vey....sometimes.....It was so fun though. The kids loved it once the wind died down. there were some really cute activities and an entire section devoted to Princesses. Yeah, Mads was in heaven. Although her favorite part was playing in the farmers market on the cash register. One of her favorite things to do is pick out a handful of toys and grab a snap top plastic box to use as the cash register. She then proceeds to "scan" (her word) her items and then pay, using a credit card of course. She is an endless source of amusement for me. Is she her daddy's child or what? I think she is going to grow up to be an accountant too.

3. Lily's Birthday Party. This was so fun. We went to the District and rode the carousel. The kids loved being able to run around and carousels are always a hit. I got the absolute best picture I have ever taken that night. These kids are SO grown up looking. It blew me away. I also go the cutest video of the kids playing with Lily's ball from Brado. I will spare everyone with the video but basically one of the kids would throw it and all of them chased after it and would tackle each other. The little girls in their princess dresses playing football with a bouncy ball. It is hilarious. Seriously though, is this picture not incredible? They look like they should be in high school with the pose they took.

4. Trunk-or-treat. I had never been to one until we moved to Vegas. It is so fun! The parents get to say hi and visit, the kids get tons of candy (which promptly gets put in the garbage once the week of halloween is over), and I get a night off from making dinner. Life is good. We had fun this year in our new ward. We were able to meet a few new families and the kids love dressing up. I could not find Madison's old bee costume for Hunter so I ended up having to use the sheep costume from our live nativity last Christmas (see picture at the top of the blog). Ryan did NOT like it. He compared Hunter to the bunny in the movie The Christmas Story. I thought he looked adorable. The funniest part of the night was when Mads fell asleep on the way home with her sucker in her mouth. This picture proves that on occasion I do allow my children to eat sugar. I am not a complete nazi, just somewhat.

5. Ryan's work party. Once a year I go in to Ryan's office with the kids for their Halloween party. It is so cute, the office is decorated and some of the employees dress up and the kids go from desk to desk and office to office for their candy. It is fun, plus I get to say hi to the wives and catch up with them. Since Ryan did not care for the sheep costume I borrowed a bat costume from a friend (I am way too cheap to buy one for his age. Please....I will save the money for next year when he will remember). He was the cutest bat I have ever seen. I got two thumbs up from Ryan for that. Thank you Cori! You saved my marriage!

I gave Hunter a piece of candy IN A WRAPPER to chew on and the little stinker chewed through the wrapper and started sucking out the chocolate! So yes, Hunter did end up with some candy this halloween. Stinker...but how cute is he? Oh he just melts my heart sometimes!

6. Halloween. This year we went to the Candy Chemist on Pecos by Deseret Book for their carnival. It was so fun! Madison got to go on a Pony ride and the balloon maker was incredible. He made her a Snow White balloon person. I was in awe of his talent. They also had a few carnival games and some food for the kids. It was fun. We were there about an hour or so and then came back home and went door to door. Mads finally got it this year. She hasn't really understood or really enjoyed it in years past but this year she asked to do it. What could we say? Of course we did it!

I had to post these pictures of me with the kids because, Hello! I actually don't look chubby! See what a good haircut and black can do for a person? I like to think this is what I look like in real life vs. all the other pics I have posted of myself on the blog. I also will add that my kids look so cute and I almost never get pictures of myself with the kids. One of the problems with always taking pictures is that I am never in them.


Liz said...

Even before reading your closing comment I was thinking that you looked so cute! I LOVE your haircut. And I doubt you look skinny just because you were wearing black.

atsimms said...

I love October too! Your kids look so cute in their costumes and you do look really skinny and cute. Love the hair! Have fun in NYC.