Saturday, November 29, 2008

Football and Doughnuts

We love football season in our house. We watch games all day on Saturdays (by we I mean Ryan watches them all day and I catch a glimpse of the score as I clean around him, unless it is a team I actually like, then I will sit down to watch the game). We also try to get up to Utah for a few BYU games each season. We always go to the first home game of the season, and then look around our schedule for one or two more. It is fun: we visit family, we visit friends, and we get to root for our Alma Mater. We both loved our time at BYU, I miss it so much. There was something really special about my time there...I am incredibly grateful that I was able to attend such an amazing University. Not only did I meet my husband, but I became the person I wanted to be.

Anyway, on with the story...We went up to Utah in October to see Reba and Kelly and thankfully there was a home game that weekend. BYU vs. UNM. It is funny. I usually only go to one UNLV football game a year and every other year it is UNM, and for some reason I usually go to the BYU/UNM game. So, every other year I see UNM play twice. How random is that? Am I being told something? Am I supposed to be a UNM fan? Or maybe always root for them to lose? I can't figure it out.

So this year when we went it was supposed to be snowing and raining and just plain cold. I don't like cold weather, so I was not excited, to say the least. I debated going with Ryan and made a deal with him. He had to buy me long underwear, new gloves, an ear warmer and hand warmers and I would go (because of course I went to Utah without my winter apparel. It was still 90* in LV, so I can't imagine why I wouldn't remember to pack my snow wear?) So, off to the game I went. I wore my long underwear. I wore a long sleeve t-shirt. I wore my green fleece zip up jacket. On top I wore my BYU Hoodie. Yeah, we saw my brother-in-law when we were walking in and he asked if I was prego again or just fat. He got a dirty look. I admit, I look super fat in the pictures b/c I had been canning all day and didn't do my hair and then I was wearing a ridiculous amount of layers. But, I did not get cold (I brought a blanket to sit on and one to wrap around my legs, that helped too).

We get there and the entrance to our seats is right by the "Cougar Tail" stand. Now, what is a Cougar Tail? A long maple bar doughnut. The Creamery makes incredible doughnuts, I have missed them for years and anyone that knows me knows I love doughnuts-I don't eat them often, but I absolutely love them. Parker had promised Jessica that we could share one at the game, but he had forgotten his wallet, Jessica did not have her purse and I didn't either. So I looked over at Ryan and he said no. (Ryan is my self-appointed diet watcher. He won't let me eat sugar unless he wants to share something-this is a big bone of contention in our marriage because I love sugar, but I definitely don't over due it. I am, however, a big girl and can decide for myself if I should eat something). So the entire game we are giving Ryan and Parker a hard time about this, we both really, really wanted a doughnut. About the 3rd quarter of the game Craig (Ryan and Parker's Dad) realizes what is going on and give us money to go get one. We were giddy with joy! So we run to the stand and wait in line. We ask for one and the guy tells us that they just ran out. Now, you can imagine our devastation over this new development. It had taken us almost the entire game to even get money for a Cougar Tail and now they were out. One of the girls working there must have seen how far our faces fell and came over to tell us that she had just found one last doughnut tucked in the back of their cart. I almost jumped over the counter to hug her! So, alas, Jessica and I did get our Cougar tail to share. I even gave Craig a piece as a thank you. So of course we had to get a picture to commemorate our achievement at the game. I ate almost half of mine before I could sit still for a picture, Jessica and I did have equal pieces, I am just super impatient when it comes to treats.

The game went on, we won, of course, and it did not even get cold and snowy. I was so worried. Last year we went to one game in October and toward the end of the fourth quarter we could not even see the field it was snowing so badly. We left with 6 or so min left of the game. I really did not want a repeat of that weather-it just ruins the experience for me. So thankfully this game was played before the storm hit and we were able to enjoy it without getting too cold. A good ending to a great day.


Liz said...

Those cougar tails sound yummy. And you go girl for not giving up until you got one!

atsimms said...

I love cougar tails almost as much as I love BYU creamery chocolate milk. I admit I usually get both at the same time and ignore the calories. Yum.

You were brave to go to that game. I was too afraid of the snow and rain to go. I love the new wall paper on your blog! Hope you guys are doing great!

Amy said...

That was a fun game! I made Kevin take me to get new warm clothes,too - we never need them in Fresno! But now I have my leggings, BYU beanie, gloves and scarf for next time! I was also SOOO thankful it stayed dry the entire game. Funny story about the donut - I still remember the time you flew a box of Krispy Cremes back with you from Memphis! BTW...I can't remember if I ever sent you the photos from that day we met you at the temple?

Caitlyn Ainge said...

Haha I love how you guys didn't give up on getting your cougar tails. Somehow I haven't ever gotten one at the games, but I guess it should be a priority of mine before I graduate! ;)