Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Family fun in Hawaii

We had such a wonderful time in Hawaii this year. We are so grateful that we get to go each year with Ryan's company. I can't imagine we would go very often without the company. I posted the pictures from Hawaii yesterday, but I wanted to add my favorite stories in with a few select pictures.

When we were waiting to check in and get the luggage handled Madison asked for a penny to throw in the fountain. I gave her one and told her to make a wish. I stood by her and she grabbed the penny so tight, pulled it close to her heart and wished to be a princess. I about died. It was the sweetest thing, and who knew that a 4 year old actually knows how to make wishes. So, for my dear, sweet little girl, you are my princess.

Hunter just had so much fun in Hawaii. He just took to water like a little duck. We put him in the first day and he fell in love. He also fell asleep, but that is a different story. At the resort there is a great kids pool. It is only about a foot deep. The kids all congregate there and share toys. It really is wonderful. Well, he figured out really quick that he could walk in his whale, so the entire time we were in the pool he walked around. Sometimes he would grab the black handle in the front of the whale and look like he was driving. It was the cutest thing! This is the only video that turned out, enjoy, he just had so much fun walking around.

My other favorite Hunter moment was the day we took the kids down to the beach. Every other day there were jellyfish in the ocean. We took the kids in the water and let them ride the waves and then we hung out in the sand. Hunter REALLY, REALLY dug getting dirty. He put sand all over him and then played with the toys. It got all over his hands, then he decided he was tired and stuck his thumb in his mouth. Now, did I take it out and say no,no? Nope, I took a picture. I nominate me as mother of the year......

While Hunter was covering himself in sand and then proceeding to eat it, Madison was building a little dam to stop the water (trickle) fall by us. She had so much fun and looked to cute and intent on what she was doing. Ryan helped her a little bit, which she enjoyed. She idolizes her daddy.

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