Monday, November 17, 2008

NYC Part 1

I don't have 3 hours to do a full posting of our trip to NYC so I will post just one of the crazy things that happened to us. (BTW, if you are wondering, we had a fabulous time. We really enjoyed this trip)

On with the crazy story. So, I never run in to famous people. We lived in LA for 3 years and I didn't see a famous person once (unless I paid to see them at concerts, plays, etc). Not that I really cared because I am not much of a starstruck type person. They don't really do much for me, you know? Seriously, what am I going to do with an autograph anyway? But it is fun to tell the stories, right?

When we finally left Grease ( I decided to use the restroom at the end of the show) we were the last people out of the theater. We walked about 5 feet and saw a group of people exiting the show across the street. Who, you ask? Jeremy Piven (my 3rd favorite actor-hello, how can you not fall in love with him after watching Serendipity-which we were headed too. How crazy is that?) and Fergie (have you read how many times her song "Big Girls Don't Cry" has come up in my blog?). How nuts is that? We walked over there and I convinced Fergie to get a picture with me. I figured M would love seeing it since she loves the song so much. Mr. Piven was already in the car, but let me just say, she is even more gorgeous in person and soooo tiny! Plus, her jacket rocked, it was softer than any leather I have ever touched.

So, here it is, the downfall of my non-starstruckedness (like my word? yea, I made it up. I think it works in this sentence).

***PS, how awesome is my jacket? It's Amily's. I keep begging her to give it to me, I think it looks better on me - She is too skinny to pull it off. Cross your fingers for me, I think my borrowing time is up.


Christensen's said...

That is so cool! I have never seen anyone famous! I agree the jacket is cute!! (Especially the colors LOL)

Laura Larsen said...

I love Fergie!!! I went to her concert last year. You do look espically hot in that jacket.

Clint and Rachael said...

How awesome is that. You look really good. I think your sister SHOULD just give in and give you the jacket!

The Bell Fam said...

Wow, how cool is that? You look great, too, by the way. Fergie has nothing on you. So fun that you guys had a great trip. I am so pumped for you guy.