Thursday, December 23, 2010

12 Days of Christmas: Post 9

I'm running behind, SHOCKING I know, but this post was SO time consuming.  I've been working on it forever!  So here it is....

 Favorite #9 is Hunter.

I have been having a lot of fun at Hunter's expense this year (which honestly is a favorite past time of mine).  He is so surrounded by girls that he *naturally* picks up some of the things we girls do every day.  Trust me, he is 100% boy,  but it sure is fun to see what he picks up and what he doesn't from all the females around him.  I call it my list of "Why I'm pretty sure my son thinks he is a girl."  If you haven't read some of my facebook posts on him I included some of them on the list and added a few more.

Since there were so many pictures I decided to do the post in scrapbook pages, so click on the picture and you should be able to read all about him.  I did a list of 21 reasons he is a boy, with a few little captions or paragraphs as to why I'm convinced he thinks he is a girl.  It's all in good fun, lest you think I am terribly mean (which I am, but not in this case.)

Hunter has grown so much this last year.  He's grown such a personality....I don't know how else to describe him.  He is so stinkin' adorable, you just can't help but love him to pieces.  Even when he is being a complete stinker he's so cute it's hard to get upset with him.  He loves cuddles and gives the best kisses....all day long (or at least lately as he's become a tad bit jealous of Presley) he comes up to me or Ryan and says "Hold me, mommy."  Oh, how that melts my heart!  It's almost impossible to resist holding him for a bit.  When I want cuddles from him and he says no I say to him, "Hold me, Hunter" and he laughs and will give me a quick hug.

This year he finally started talking.  When he was 2 1/2 he only said 12 words, so I was a bit worried, to be honest.  Madison was almost talking in complete sentences at 1, which I hear all the time not to compare boys and girls, but come on, of course I'm going to!  He finally moved on from only saying "No" or "More" and started saying "uh-huh" for yes about 3 months ago.  Now he has moved on to "yeah" for everything.  They are both so cute!  It just sounds so much more grown up than "yes" does.....weird that I think that, I know.

So, every time he sees something neat he yells out "Whoa, Cool!" really loud.  It makes me laugh so hard!  It's especially funny when we are in the movie theater and he yells it out.  I think it's my favorite saying of his.

Um, he's a tad bit stubborn....I mean, come on, both of his parents are so it's only reasonable that he will be as well.  HIS favorite phrase is probably, "No, don't want to."  Oh, yes, he LOVES saying this to me.  It drives me crazy!  I don't friggin' care if my 3 year old wants to do something I've asked of him or not, there are certain things that have to be done, say, oh....going potty!

We potty trained him, and it was going great, but he decided it wasn't all that much fun anymore.  So he is back in diapers now.  Seriously, I battled it out for 6 months and after daily accidents I decided it's not worth it.  He'll get tired of being a baby and want his underwear back soon enough.  I didn't mind making him go potty all the time once he decided he no longer wanted to let me know when he had to go.  But I did mind the kicking, screaming, hitting and crying that I encountered every time I took him potty.  Not to mention the times we sat on the potty with no "action" just to have an accident within 5 minutes after the potty break.  Go ahead, judge me.  He won that battle.  And you know what, he's decided he wants his underwear back and today he let me know when he needed to go.  Obviously what I was doing didn't work, so I'll try this instead.  I'm not willing to ruin my relationship with him over going potty on the toilet.  If he was 5, that would be a different story.....

He's still hungry ALL.  THE.  TIME.  He follows me around the house saying, "Food me."  I feed him, I promise!  He just likes to eat (he gets that from me, I LOVE to eat.)

The other thing he says ALL.  THE.  TIME.  is: "Mommy doing?"  It drives me nuts.  Every 15 seconds, "Mommy doing?"  Sometimes all I want to do is pull my hair out.  It's cute once, more than that is annoying.

When he decides he wants to do something he says:  "Do that."  I don't know why, but when I ask him if we wants to do....whatever....instead of saying "yeah" he says "do that."  It's adorable.

He also likes to state the obvious.  When Presley is crying he looks at me and says:  "Baby Presley crying."  Thanks, dude, I didn't hear it ::insert eye roll here::

Recently he has started trying to change my mind after I say no to something.  He looks at me with the most pitiful doggy eyes and says: "Please, mommy."  Oh, how I want to give him the world when he ways that.  It melts my stone-cold, hard heart.  I don't, because I'm a firm believer in consistency and hate the whining that comes when kids know they can change your mind.  But oh, how I want to!

My favorite Hunter story this year was this one.  I have to say, this is the story that I got the most amount of comments on....not necessarily on the blog, but every time I ran into someone they would comment on it.  I'm pleased to announce that we no longer have to follow this protocol.  He outgrew this behavior (and picked up on others, don't you for a second think I have it any easier now, it's just different.)

 We love our Hunterbear.  He is so sweet and funny, he lights up my days.  I'm so glad he's mine.

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Liz said...

Sad for you, but so nice for me to hear of another 3-year-old boy who is NOT potty trained! THANK YOU for mentioning that, I now feel a bit more validated. :)