Thursday, December 16, 2010

12 Days of Christmas: Post 8

I adore my children.  I know I constantly whine about them, but I absolutely adore them.  They make me laugh.  They make me smile.  They occasionally make me want to tear my hair out.  Every now and again they make me cry.  But mostly, they make my heart swell with love.  I'm am beyond grateful for each one of them, hence, the reason they will all get their own posting this year (as if I don't post enough about them.)

Madison has become our "toothless wonder" (can you tell we read the Junie B. books?).  She has lost 4 teeth this year.  I tell her that is she doesn't start brushing her teeth a little better she will end up losing them all!  She just gives me the look that says "Mom, you're an idiot." You know the one, it's the one that you used when you were a teenager.  Seriously, this 6 year old is a teenager in spirit already.  Well, she has the attitude of one, that's for sure.

Madison is my only child that will give me cuddles and hugs without any begging on my part.  She is so helpful with anything I ask her to do.  She never complains when I ask her to run and grab me a diaper, or my cell phone, or my kindle, or a sippy cup, or anything else.  She just gets up and does it without any complaints.  She is always so eager to help with her siblings.  She makes it so easy to get things accomplished.  I love her.  I love her.  I love her.  She makes life really fun. 

Now, as much as I adore her, what would a (my) blog post be without the moments that make life interesting?  Here are a few of her exploits this year.  She really kept me on my toes all year long.  She is so stinkin' smart that she makes my head hurt.  Seriously, she is always asking me questions that make me have to think really hard before I answer.  The last thing I want to do is get into details on questions like, "Mommy, how do babies get into your tummy?" 

Oh, yes, we have had that one a few times this year.  I've tried the whole, "Well, honey, when mommy's and daddy's love each other Heavenly Father sometimes sends them a baby." 

She then proceeds to ask, "But how does the baby get in your tummy?" 

My response has been, "'s like this.....uh, how about you ask your daddy that question?"

I'm stumped.  I think I might have babbled out something that maybe might have abated her questions for a few weeks, we shall see.  I don't even remember what I said.....Maybe if I confuse her enough she'll stop asking?????

Along those lines, I have to say I am a bit worried for me when it comes to her.  She is a bit (and I use that term loosely) boy crazy.  We had two experiences this year that have caused a little anxiety on my end.  I'm a little worried that I may be on Valium by the time she is even able to date!  See, she has a few boyfriends.  She LOVES her boyfriends.  In fact, she is having a hard time deciding who she wants to marry.....I keep telling her not to worry, she'll figure it out when she is a LOT older.  Oy.

Anyway, so a few months ago she was sitting next to one of her favorite boyfriends in Primary during Sharing Time at church .  They are kind of cute together and I haven't worried too much that she is a bit obsessed with him, YET.  So I guess they were feeling a bit affectionate towards each other that day.  I wasn't in there, I got this all second-hand from a few different sources.  They kept holding hands, Madison kept putting her legs up on Isaac (I guess she sees me do that to Ryan ALL.  THE.  TIME. and figured that was a normal way to show affection.), and then they started kissing each other. 

On. The. Lips. During. Sharing. Time. 

A little bit inappropriate, to put it mildly.  The chorister asked them repeatedly to stop kissing/holding hands/ who knows what else, and they didn't.  So she had to finally say "Front Row, no touching!"  I feel so bad for her primary teachers, she is just like I was and I was a PILL during church.  I probably still am....I still talk incessantly during church.

It's not like this is the first time she has been caught kissing one of her boy friends.  I'm pretty sure she has kissed all of them.  Heck, I'm pretty sure she has kissed more boys than I have.....if not she's pretty close.  A year or so ago, after I found out she was kissing her boy friends, I told her that is was no ok to kiss all her friends on the lips.  She looked at me and said, "But mommy, I have to, it's 'True Love's Kiss.'"  I guess she had found a way to convince all her boy friends to play Sleeping Beauty with her and OF COURSE they have to kiss..... Like I said, she's a little boy crazy.

Along that same line, let's talk about her friend Brady.  He was in her kindergarten class and I guess they liked each other a bit.  I thought he was about the cutest thing ever, every now and again they would get to play together.  Well, I discovered that his sister babysits (she has become my favorite babysitter because she CLEANS my house.  Seriously CLEANS my house.  I'll pay extra for that!) so we had her over for a night of sitting a month or so ago and Madison went to go pick her up with me.  When we got there Brady answered the door in his swim trunks (I think they were anyway, who knows, boys just don't seem to like wearing clothes) so the kids got to say hi to each other for a minute.  We got in the car and I didn't think much more of it.

We took his sister to our house and then Ryan and I left.  Madison and she had a little bit of time to play before bedtime and I guess Madison thought it was super cool that the sitter was Brady's older sister.  When we got home the sitter was telling me how it went and then started laughing, she proceeded to tell me that after we left Madison turned to her and said, all giggly, "Didn't you think Brady was soooo cute without his shirt on?"  Are you kidding me??????  She's 6, she shouldn't even realize that he had it off!

See why I'm so worried????? 

Overall Madison had a big year this year.  She started 1st grade and got to finally eat in the cafeteria.  That is what she was so excited about when she went to all day school.  At least it wasn't the food that she was so excited about.  In what universe should Nachos be considered as a viable "healthy" lunch option for elementary school kids?  CCSD apparently thinks that is an appropriate main dish.  eesh.

She got to see her first theater production.  She went with my mom, my sister and me to see the Lion King show here in Vegas.  I was a little nervous because the movie scares her a little bit, but she loved it, she keeps asking when she can go see it again.  I'm so glad she enjoys the theater, Ryan and I both love it.

She played her first season of soccer.  I am beyond relieved it is over, it was so time consuming.  She liked the girls she played with and her coach.  She didn't mind practices, but the games made her a little bit nervous.  It took her a bit to get used to the scrimmaging.  After the first game she stopped asking when she would make a goal and just asked when she would get to kick the ball!  Poor girl, we should have started her last year before it got more competitive.  But she did like it, she says she wants to play again next year.  In this picture she is kicking the ball, she's #8.

I'm constantly reading on facebook the funny things that other kids say.  Mine don't say really funny things often, but every now and again they cause me to laugh out loud.  Here are some of Madison's lines from this year that were too good to forget:

***One day Hunter was being a stinker and she looked over at me, so serious, and said to me:  "Mommy, Hunter is going to go to outer darkness because he is so naughty."  Once I stopped laughing at her I said, no he's not, he's only 2, he's just being a 2 year old.  You on the other hand shouldn't be so quick to say Hunter is're 6 and know better and still do naughty things.  Heck, the majority of "naughty" things he does he learned from her! 

***Another day Hunter was being silly and making us all laugh, Madison looked over at me and said, "Mommy,  get a picture and put it on facebook."  When she said that I started thinking maybe I spend a little too much time on facebook.

***Who could forget the infamous phone call she made earlier in the year?  Read about that here.  It was hilarious.  This story was probably my favorite "Madison Moment" of the year.  I still can't get over the fact that she made that phone call.

***My last favorite little story of the year came during the 43 days my car was in the shop.  The first day we had the minivan rental she got in and said "Wow!  Cool!  Awesome!  Exciting!"  as we were buckling in to leave the house.  All I could do was roll my eyes at her.  Later on she said, "Mom, can we got a minivan?"  My response was a firm, "No."  She got so sad, so I said to her, "Madison, when you are older you can get a minivan, but I don't want one."  She thought for a second and said, "Really?  When I'm 16 and start driving I can get a minivan?"  I said, "Oh, yes, you can, and I will write down that you said that."

Guess what her first car will be?  Just because I'm so super nice like that.

I love my big girl.  She is so fun, I'm so glad she came to our family.  I wouldn't trade her for anything.

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