Monday, January 26, 2009

2008 T, U and V


Reading our blog I am sure you can't help but notice our obsession with music. We have definitely passed that on to our children. Madison has figured out how to use my Ipod and regularly will go over and turn the music on. She likes to dance and twirl. She really enjoys listening to Taylor Swift right now, her favorite songs are Love Story and Picture to Burn, which funny enough, are my favorite songs by her, hmmmm. Seriously, who wouldn't love a song that says: "So go and tell your friends I'm obsessive and crazy, that's fine, I'll tell mine your gay?" I laughed so hard the first time I heard that line. (BTW, it's only on her album, not on the radio version)

Another line that I just love is from Pink's So What song. Again, how can you not love a song that calls her ex a tool? Sometimes there is just no other way to describe someone, tool works very well in those situations.

Many of you will wonder why I have a Britney song on my playlist (or at least those of you who know me really well and know I can't stand her, she is such a mess), well, let me tell you why....Madison heard Womanizer ONCE in the car, with Ryan of course, I change the stations the moment she comes on, and all day long she wandered around the house playing and singing to herself, "I'm a womanizer, womanizer, wom, wom, womanizer." We both had to leave the room so that she wouldn't see us laughing so hard and wonder why we were laughing at her.

Nothing gets by her.

If you doubt our obsession with music, please review a previous post that lists what we have seen the last two years. We will NOT being seeing quite so many people this next year or two. We now have two houses, that is our entertainment!

For Christmas Madison got 2 musical things from my mother and father. She got a Hannah Montana guitar, she loves it. It has a head set that she can sing into and it amplifies the singing through the guitar, so it is like singing into a microphone. Yep, it's as fun as it sounds. She does love it, and I am just excited she is interested in playing music. She also got a Barbie jeep which has a radio. She rides around the backyard with Hunter and they take turns turning on the radio and seeking through all the stations. She is way too much like me, she is not happy listening to just one stations when there is a possibility that there is a song that you would like to listen to more on a different station. It drives Ryan absolutely mad.

Udder Disbelief

This is one of my favorite stories from this last year that I never had time to blog about. Every other year Ryan's mom raises 2 cows from about April until October and then they slaughter them and we buy a quarter, Ryan's parents keep a half and they sell the rest off to whomever is interested. They were out of town, I can't even remember where now, but the cows got loose and my sweet cousin-in-law blogged about their experience rounding them back up. Read about it here, I couldn't stop laughing, then I called Ryan in to read it and he couldn't stop laughing. Every time I take a piece of meat out of my freezer I think of their wonderful sacrifice to get us our delicious meat. Thank you Brittany, Jason, Cody, Natalie and Grandma Ainge! We would eat a lot of chicken if it wasn't for you!

As a side picture, here is one from our wedding (I can finally put in old pictures now that my dear, sweet hubby bought me a scanner. I couldn't go another year without one). His mom made a cute sign to hang on the barn for us, so of course we had to get a picture. There were no cows or chickens at the house for our wedding, so I didn't worry about getting trampled :) We did, however, stop at Wendy's after our reception, Ryan was hungry (read the story and you will get that reference!).


I took some really great videos of the kids this last year. I missed so many sweet moments with Madison because I did not realize our camera took videos, (Yes, I am a natural blond), but how was I supposed to know? I even read the booklet that came with it, I just didn't realize I could take them....who knew? Anyway, the one thing I wish I had gotten of Mads was her sneezes. The first few months of her life she would sneeze twice and then sigh. It was the sweetest thing and just melted your heart. I would give just about anything to have gotten that on video....we were so sad when she grew out of it. She just all of a sudden stopped one day to our great sorrow.

So, back to the point of the entry, the videos I got of the kids. Some of them I have published before, some are new. It seems that almost every day Mads comes up to me and asks to have me take a video of her and Hunter. She loves flipping through all the pictures and especially loves the videos of them together. She gets such a kick out of it!

This one is of Hunter swinging, mostly I love it because he keeps laughing when he swings. He was just loving it that day. I think he even laughed so hard he gave himself the hiccups. We took this when we went to Louisiana to see Ryan's grandparents over Christmas. It was perfect swinging weather.

This one cracks us up when we watch it. We went to Lily's birthday party in October and she got a ball from Brado. All the kids wanted to play with it so they were in the grassy area and one of the kids would throw it and the rest would chase it. When one of them ended up grabbing it they would get tackled. They were tackling way more before I got to my camera, but it was so cute watching the kids come up with their own little version of football with the princess ball. It was such a fun night for all of us. We miss having them close by and hope they are enjoying Utah.

What are our other favorites from the past year? Well of course we have to review Hunter pushing Mads around the house, that was too funny to pass up.

We have to watch Hunter walking around the kiddie pool in Hawaii again, he did that for hours on end.

And Madison's preschool graduation, she is just little miss helpful.

Here is my dear, sweet daughter being taught Soulja Boy by my sisters. They are available for babysitting if anyone needs someone, ha ha.

Hunter finally figuring out his sippy cup was a classic. He hasn't done this since, but we sure enjoyed it that night.

Here is a video from when Mads was about a year old or so. She was so in to her food we loved it, so enjoy her Um, Yummy video. Allie and I still talk about it every time we see each other.

Last but not least is little helper Madison getting Hunter for me. This is still a daily occurrence and yet he still regularly gets in to mischief. Apparently that comes from Ryan's side of the family, I was a perfect angel of a child :)


The Bell Fam said...

Amanda, your posts are so cute. Love your music obsession. That is so cute that Madison is just following in your footsteps. The video of Madison eating is hilarious! It reminds me of Haley b/c that is about her age. So cute!! Crazy how she looks the exact same, just older.

Jason Wadsworth said...

We're honored to have made it onto your year in review post! :)

Even if they are steaks and ground chuck now; those cows will forever live in infamy!