Saturday, November 8, 2008

I did it! I did it! I did it!

I taught Hunter how to take a sippy cup! Yes, I am aware that for most mom's that is a given, but honestly my kids ignore any attempt on my part to learn important skills. M learned a sippy cup on her own when she was 14 months, Kathy taught M how to drink out of a straw and my mom potty trained her for me after 6 months of disaster. She did it in one day- I had been trying for 6 months with no luck. Go figure. If I have to rely on my moms to teach my kids basic skills how am I supposed to help my own grandkids?

Enough lamenting...He finally figured it out and every time he took a sip he would go ahhh afterwards. Is he his daddy's kid or what? Ryan does it all the time. So anyway, of course I got it on video! It was so funny, M and I were cracking up so you hear us. I was trying to get him to wave bye bye but that was not happening, he was too focused on getting his cup back from M. Enjoy! We watch it all the time and laugh along all over again.


Christensen's said...

Hey cute toe nails......!

Aunna and Phillip said...

He's so his father's child and adorable! Fill and I loved it:)