Saturday, May 1, 2010

This one is all me

I'm constantly telling everyone that Madison is Ryan's child. She is so much like her daddy it is not even funny. She so rarely exhibits any traits of mine, which isn't all bad, but Ryan as a child was a handful. I'm always hearing stories about how he was a little monster, sweet-hearted, but a monster. That is our little Madison.

I suppose that is why yesterday caught me by such surprise. Madison and I have made a deal, if she practices her piano lessons she is allowed to play on the computer for about 20 minutes. She LOVES computer time, it's the only thing I can threaten her with and get her to obey with no arguments.

Anyway, so she practiced her lessons yesterday and then went into the office for computer time. She likes to turn the light off and close the door, she thinks I don't know that she just watches the videos on I let her get away with it because I need one portion of my day where I get a break from getting after her. I don't care at all, even though we have a no TV rule during the week. It works for both of us.

A little background on our floor plan of the house is needed at this stage. The office door opens into the great room. You can see back and forth into each of the rooms when the door is open. They are THAT close.

So, she's doing her computer time and I'm in the great room with Hunter and Presley and all of a sudden my phone rings. I see Ryan's name pop up on my caller ID and answer it expecting to hear him. This is what I hear:

Madison: "Mommy, is computer time over yet?"

Me (A): "Madison, is that you?" At this point I'm trying to remember if Ryan came home and I didn't remember that. I hadn't placed that the home number is under his contact in my phone.

M: "Yes, is computer time over yet?"

A: "Madison, why are you calling me?"

M: "I didn't want to get up."

At this point I completely lost it, I was laughing so hard I was crying.

A: "Madison, I'm just in the other room."

M: "I know, but I didn't want to get up. I didn't want the instructions to my game to keep playing. Is computer time over yet?"

A: "Why?"

M: "I want to start a new game."

A: "5 more minutes, finish your game and don't start another one."

M: "Okay, thank you mommy."

Seriously, I was dying. I called Ryan right away to relay the conversation to him, we were dying.

Many of you, especially those who have not spent a great amount of time in our house, are probably wondering where she ever got the idea to call me from. Well, I will 'fess up and admit that she got it from me. I was talking to her later in the day and asked her why she called me and she said, "remember when we were upstairs in your room and you called daddy to get you something?" All I could think is: "No, Madison, I don't remember that particular instance. I call your daddy for a LOT of reasons. I can't remember them all."

One of the reason's I love Ryan so much is because at the end of the day when I'm exhausted, or pregnant, or sick, or any combination of those, or even if I just feel lazy and don't want to get up, I can call him when he is downstairs and he will get me whatever I need. If he did that to me I would tell him to get his own dang whatever, but he is so willing to be helpful. Apparently Madison thinks she can do this now.

The only positive out of this experience, other than the comedy factor, is that I am now sure she knows my cell number. Every now and then I would quiz her to make sure she knows both of our numbers but I was never really sure if she would be able to recall them if she needed to.

I'm still laughing now......You never really know what will rub off on your kids.


JR and Brynn said...

Hilarious!! We are raising kids that are smarter than us. How in trouble are we?!?

Liz said...

lol, she could have just yelled for you from the computer room. Instead she called you so you wouldn't have to come in. She is just like her daddy!