Monday, December 13, 2010

12 Days of Christmas: Post 6

I shouldn't have a favorite sister, and honestly I don't, but it's hard not to really love a childless sister who will *voluntarily* watch your 3 monsters for a week so you and your hubby can go to NYC without them. 

***Just to set the record straight, I'm pretty sure any of my sisters would have done this for me, she was simply the unlucky one without a job during the time we needed her.

We took full advantage of our temporarily childless state.

We did everything we possibly could have done in the 7 days we were there.

We saw 6 shows, yes 6.

We ate, oh how we was wonderful
(I love food, for any of you that might still be wondering).

We, of course, ate at a few little pizza places here and there.  But, we discovered the most wonderful Italian place, Tony's...oh.  my.  goodness. it was pure heaven.  The reviews lived up to the hype.  The Veal Parm was melt-in-your-mouth amazing.  Go there.  Period.  Go there.  I've had some good Italian over the years.  Nothing could touch this.  I would move to NYC just to eat there regularly.

We are slowly getting around to all the famous pizza places in NYC, this trip we hit up Lambardi's.  It was good, I think I just prefer John's.  Honestly though, I just love NY style pizza.  Yum.

My other favorite find, thanks to Natalie Hill, was Shake Shack.  I made Ryan eat there twice it was so good.  I don't usually care for fries, they don't do it for me, but their cheese fries were incredible.  Their Black & White shake was heavenly.  Even their burger was amazing.  I'm getting hungry.....

Seriously, I love food.

Did I mention we hit up Carlo's Bakery?  You know, the one from the TLC show Cake Boss?  Oh, yes, we did.  I have to say, I was a little worried that it wouldn't live up to the hype of the show.  It's not like we got a cake or anything, but the pastry's were yummy.  The Chocolate Cream Puffs were incredibly good. 

Just as a little side note, don't try to eat lunch in Hoboken.  There are not a lot of options.  Just warning you.....

It's a really good thing we walked miles and miles and miles every day. 

We even got a few sports events in 

The U. of Memphis vs. Kansas game was the reason we decided to go to NYC in the first place.  Everything else was just icing on the cake.

Even though the purpose of the trip was to see Memphis play basketball,  we did make time to also attend the Giants vs. Redskins football game.  We survived the frigid, bitter cold during the game and cheered the Giants on to victory.  My poor brother-in-law, who is a huge Redskins fan, must have been just tearing his hair out watching them lose to the Giants.  We are huge Peyton Manning fans, but it only fair to cheer on his brother (especially since the Colts SUCK right now).

Alas, no celebrity sightings like the last time we were in NYC.  Maybe next time.

Thank you my dear Aunna for taking such good care of my kids.  I owe you.  BIG.

And a HUGE thank you to my parents who took us to NYC for our Christmas present, I can't think of anything that would have been more fun.

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Julie said...

oh my gosh! how fun! what a great trip for the two of you!