Thursday, April 29, 2010

Catching up with Presley Anne

I have come to call this little one Presley Anne most of the time. She fits that name perfectly. I got some great pictures of her over the last few days.

This morning I got her giving me a half smile. She was just staring off into space and smiling at nothing. I can't believe I got it on camera, but she is going to have a fantastic smile. Every now and then she will give me a 100%, full-out smile. It has me wrapped around her little finger already.

Seconds later she started crying. I have this saying that it's not really a cry until her lip starts quivering. It is so sad to hear the little babies cry like that! She rarely gets to that point, I can't stand little babies crying. I'm a sucker for newborns.

Apparently Hunter feels the same way, when she started crying he looked at me and said "Baby Presley crying" and then gave her a kiss. It was one of the few times where she stopped crying when one of her siblings got close to her. It was so sweet!

BTW, do you love Hunter's outfit? It was hilarious, I was sorting laundry and he grabbed Madison's nightgown and put it on all by himself. He put it on backwards and inside out, but he didn't care. He would NOT let me take it off, I finally got it off of him a few hours later when it was nap time. He was fussing so much over naptime he hardly realized I got it off.

The other night when I was making bread she didn't want to be in her bouncy chair anymore so we got out her Bumbo chair and put her on the counter right by us. She wasn't sure what to make of it, but we got about 10 minutes of fuss-free time to finish up what we were doing. It worked out perfect.

Now that I know she will chill out there I have a feeling I will be putting her there more often.

This is how she hangs out with us most nights. When we sit in bed and read or watch TV we wrap her up and put her in this pillow I have that has no "kooshie-ness" to it (Ryan calls it my handicap pillow, it's made to help with neck pain so it has a cutout in the center that keeps her from being able to roll out of it). She goes to sleep for a bit before her last feeding of the day and bedtime. She looks so cute with her little arms in the air and all wrapped up.


Christensen's said...

Oh my gosh... she is soooooooo cute.. Love the outfits and the blankets! You've got to come see us before she gets too big! Miss you tons.

Julie said...

ADORABLE!!! She's a keeper! I'm calling you today too (visiting teching!) LOL love ya!