Saturday, May 1, 2010

I call Airhead

The other morning I went out to the car to run errands and such and this is what I found....

This may come as a shock but typically I'm the airhead in our marriage. Like I said, shocking, I know.....This particular morning was a welcome change.

I guess Ryan had decided to stop and get milk when he had run out the night before. I really appreciated the gesture, but even more than that I really, really, REALLY appreciate the fact that he left it in the car. At least now I have something to give him a hard time about for the next however long.

I'm constantly doing things like this and he always gives me a hard time, but the opportunity to reciprocate is few and far between so I take whatever I get.

The funny thing is that I set the full gallon next to the trash can so that it wouldn't leak and when he came home he didn't know why it hadn't been opened and was sitting by the trash. He said he was about to say something to me about wasting milk when he realized that he hadn't brought it in the night before.

Some days life is great.....well, most days it is and occasionally there is a moment of hilarity that makes it even better.


Julie said...

k- this post was hilarious and the post right before this one was hilarious! Who does Madison take piano from?

Liz said...

LOL! Loved this one! Marco and I are the same in our marriage. I'm always the forgetful one and he remembers everything. I totally would have taken a picture to remember such a momentous event as well!