Saturday, February 20, 2010

UFC 106

To commemorate UFC 110, which is currently being watched in my house, I thought it appropriate to blog about 106, which we attended as part of Ryan's Christmas present from me. (Isn't it great that I gave a gift that included a gift for me???? I'm smart like that.)

There isn't much to write about; the fights were good, we got a night off of putting the kids to bed and we got to spend time together. It doesn't get much better than that.

We did end up sitting next to the nicest people. On Ryan's left was a dad and his son here in Las Vegas for the son's birthday. His present for his 18th was a trip to see the fights, we thought that was pretty cool. The two guys next to me were fun because they were rooting for Ortiz and we rooted for Griffin, that always makes for a fun fight.

Ortiz vs. Griffin starting off the fight

UFC 109:
We didn't get any pictures, but we also went to UFC 109 as Ryan's birthday/Valentine's present and I once again *forced* him to take me as his +1. I was a trooper, 8 months pregnant and sitting in the seats with tiny aisles and no leg room. I did commandeer the aisle seat which helped significantly with leg cramping. The funniest, and most annoying, part of the fights were that we spend the entire night standing up and sitting down for potty breaks. Oh, no, I, the only 8 month pregnant person on the row, was not the one annoying everyone. 2 *gentlemen* (and I use the term loosely) got up and came back about every 10 minutes. I think they only sat through 1 fight without making the ENTIRE row get up to let them pass. It got sooooo old. They went to the bathroom, or maybe on beer runs, more than I did! (**as a dislcaimer, I did NOT go on any beer runs, FYI) The poor guys behind us got so annoyed because we all kept blocking their view. What were we supposed to do?????

At least Couture won his fight, Ryan has been wanting to see him for a long time. That made it all worth it, all 6 hours of squats.

***yes, I was pregnant in our picture, in case any of you were wondering. I think I was almost 6 months if I calculate correctly.

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Julie said...

My favorite part is the host from Fear Factor that's there during the finals! Ooh, he's nice to look at!