Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pregnancy 101

I only have a few weeks left to go this pregnancy, but it feels like it will never end! To commemorate the end of it I have decided to dedicate a blog posting to all of my *favorite* parts of pregnancy.

***As I disclaimer, I really don't have that horrible of pregnancies, but they are still pregnancies. I am eternally grateful that we are able to have children and I have very little to complain about, yet I choose to anyway. This posting is intended for entertainment purposes only, at this stage in the game I need all the entertainment I can get.

I know I'm pregnant when.....

....I know my pharmacist on a first name basis - if my insurance would allow me to get more than 6 days of Zofran at a time I might miss out on getting to know my pharmacist so well. It is worth it, Zofran saves me.

....sharp pains in random places are considered normal. As is having my limbs fall asleep WHILE I'M USING THEM.

....I have every pillow in the house on my bed, and still find the need to buy more, but still can't get comfortable.

....I can find my way to the bathroom in the dark, while still half asleep. I think my personal record is 5 times in a 3 hour period of time. I dream of a time when I can sleep an entire night again without having to get up at least once.

....I get used to not having any energy and feeling exhausted at all times during the day but still can't sleep at night.

....I am constantly out of breath even when I am SITTING.

....I look chubby for about 6 months and then I finally start getting looks from people I see everyday that say to me "ah, she's not fat, she's pregnant."

....I crave cereal like it is going out of style. I rarely eat cereal, but when I am pregnant I tend to survive on it. I also have to have a banana every day and eat oranges like crazy for about 2 months.

What can I absolutely not deal with?

The absolute worst part of pregnancy for me is the constant itching. My body itches like crazy and I ended up with PUPPPS with Madison. It was awful. I ended up not finding anything that would take away the itching, so at night before I went to bed I would get 5 bags of ice and use that to try and get rid of enough of the itching long enough to fall asleep. It wasn't as bad with Hunter but with this little one it started early. My Dr. told me to take Benedryl at night before bed and an allergy pill during the day, so that is what I do. The Benedryl screws up my sleeping patterns, but it is the only way I have found that I can lay still long enough to fall asleep. The problem is that I end up waking up grumpy because I don't REM like I am supposed to. Double edge sword......I'm grumpy either way.

What Changed?

You know how every woman has something(s) change after being pregnant, these are mine.

  • Headaches - I don't think I ever had a real headache until I got pregnant with my first. I had one the entire first trimester and after that I had to have a coke every day before 2:30 in the afternoon or I could not drive home from work. I have had a headache every day of my life since that. I have gone to the Dr to see if I could figure out a way to relieve them but none of the prescriptions worked. I had sinus surgery a little over a year ago, which helped, it took the edge off, but I still rely on Excederine Migraine (which makes me sick to my stomach, but does work when I get to the point of no return) and/or coke. I pretty much have a coke every day or else I can't function. It's so fun.....
  • Allergies - I now have allergies. I never did until my first pregnancy. How weird is that???? Thankfully they are not too bad and I don't have to take stuff every day, but they are still annoying.
  • My hair - it used to be naturally white-blond and I was so proud of the fact that I had never dyed it and still had people come up to me and ask what color I used on it. No longer.....After Madison it got so ashy and finally I succumbed to coloring it. It's still not as light as it once was, but I have way more fun with it now. I even started putting darker colors into it, which I LOVE. Blond is blond, it gets old.

Myths of pregnancy

When I was first pregnant I heard all these myths and really thought they were true. I have since been set straight. Now, I do realize that this list applies to me and not necessarily everyone out there. I'm just ticked that they were myths for me.

  • The pregnancy "glow" - this glow for me includes the following: pale pasty skin, usually broken out, flat dull hair, and the look of long illness under my eyes. It's pretty great......
  • Thick nails - this is crap. Mine peel and I usually have a few broken ones on each hand. I keep my nails shorter when I am pregnant than when I am not. Go figure.....
  • This is my favorite - "if you nurse you'll lose all of your weight easily." This is pure and utter CRAP and I hate (not really, but kinda) all of my friends that it does apply to. I look 5 months pregnant until I am about 10 months post partum and then it finally, somewhat, comes off. And yes, I do work out like crazy after the Dr okays it. I don't even eat any more than I usually do, heck, usually I eat less because I don't have time for it. Leaving the hospital in maternity clothes, as comfortable as they are, is miserable. Having to wear them for weeks and weeks after the baby comes is worse. The fact that I left the hospital only 6 pounds lighter after having a 7 1/2 pound baby REALLY irks me. Ugh.....I shouldn't have gotten started.....


Ah, the best part of pregnancy. Is that weird of me to love the nesting portion? I love, love, LOVE getting so much done. I tend to get through my to-do list of projects and cleaning while I am preggers. I have cleaned out every closet in the house, taken carloads of things to goodwill, finished off a bunch of half-completed projects in my project room, and cleaned out all of my cupboards in the kitchen and bathrooms. It has been wonderful, I love the feeling of completing something and marking off an item on my internal to-do list.

There are some things that I truly do love about pregnancy. There is nothing quite as amazing as having a person grow inside you. I love feeling the baby move (even when they hurt me). I mostly love having a valid excuse to get out of certain things; mostly picking up toys off the floor, the fact that I cannot bend over has come in handy on family cleaning days. My house is in a constant state of disaster because I simply cannot move as I usually do, so it takes much longer to get anything done and I have gotten to the point of not caring. If you come to my house and it's a mess I do not apologize. In 4 months or so I will be able to keep up with it again, but until then watch where you step, there may be a toy beneath your foot. If it bothers you, you are more than welcome to come clean any time. I'll even cheer you on. I do the best I can.

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Liz said...

I loved this post! I get the same "glow" you mentioned and it is so not fair at all.