Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Halloween 2009

Halloween Festivities

Usually we have so many fun festivities in the month of October that we hardly sit down, but it seemed that all of our usual places were not doing their special kid's activities due to "the economy." That was their excuse anyway. It made me so sad and it really did make a difference for our month. At least I wasn't as exhausted as I usually am at the end.

Madison's Elementary School had a Halloween Parade, it was the cutest thing ever! All of the classes lined up and they marched around the entire playground and then all got to go back to class for their class party. Parent's were invited to watch and I stayed and helped out in her classroom after the parade. It was so cute to see all the kids in their costumes walking in a straight line. One of the dad's of Madison's classmate dressed up like Elmo, it was so cute and the kids got a HUGE kick out of it. Apparently Elmo still rocks in the kindergarten circle....

The kids classes all lined up according to age and Madison's class got outside first so they got to be the entire school's line leader. Needless to say, they loved that. All the kids looked so adorable and really liked being able to wear their costumes to school.

I couldn't hold the kid's attention very long but I was able to snap a quick picture of Madison with some of her friends. They had to stay in line so I got the ones right in front of her and behind her. I didn't want her teacher to put me in the Uh-oh chair once we got back to the classroom! It was fun and I am so glad I got to go. It was really, really windy and a little cold, but that didn't faze the kiddies, they had fun and hardly noticed the weather. Us parents, on the other hand....

Halloween Night

For whatever reason (I can't honestly remember because it has been so long) I didn't get that many pictures from this last Halloween. I do like the ones I got, but usually I snap quite a bit more. Maybe I was sick that day.......That sounds good, I think I will use that as my excuse, it is valid as I was only 4 months pregnant and my "morning" sickness hadn't gone away yet.

For Halloween this year Madison wanted to be Minnie Mouse. I thought she looked adorable in her costume! We let her pick out whatever she wants to wear and she stuck pretty close to her princesses theme. She was Sleeping Beauty last year and Snow White the year before. My favorite was 3 years ago when she was Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. She was the cutest Dorothy ever! (I'm only a little biased....)

She loves dressing up, she does it ALOT, but dressing up and then getting treats is an entirely different story. Mostly she loved going around to all the cars at Trunk-or-Treat and seeing all of her friends dressed up as well. This was the first year that she really got in to trick-or-treating and wasn't too shy asking for candy and saying thank you. I think she was able to circulate the parking lot 3 times by the time we told her it was time to go. We had a great time and look forward to what she decides to be next year.

Hunter was a different story altogether. He decided to be grumpy that day and did NOT want us to put his outfit on. For some reason he did not like his cowboy vest and had a tantrum when I tried to put his hat on him. The picture on the left is of him rolling around on the floor in an attempt to keep me from putting his vest on. Nice, huh....

I think every picture I got of him he is grabbing his hat to take it off. After I got a few pictures I gave up and he just hung out in his chaps and white shirt. I figured that he wouldn't really remember this Halloween anyway and I had bigger battles in life to fight with him. I got my favorite picture EVER of him, so I was satisfied.

He did love eating the candy, I gave him a roll of smarties and he was in heaven. I have a rule of 1 piece of candy a day for a week at Halloween and then the candy gets sent to Ryan's work for them to enjoy. I don't like candy and I almost never give it to my kids. I let them have 3 candies at trunk-or-treat and that is it. I may be a "mean mom" but I just can't handle the tantrums that result from them eating candy.

We got the requisite pictures of the kids with Mom and Dad. I looked horrible, and I really didn't care. Now that I think of it, I'm pretty sure it was a bad day in terms of sickness. I try really hard to not go out in public looking like a complete slob, especially when I feel so crappy inside.


Julie said...

I remember seeing Madison at the car a couple times that night! LOL She's a smart little thing, more candy!

JR and Brynn said...

Yay, I love all the new updates! And I am loving your digital scrapbooking. You are super talented. I can't wait to see you next week. I am SOOOOOO EXCITED!!