Friday, January 8, 2010

Hungry Man

I am very aware that I have COMPLETELY slacked as a blogger. There is no excuse, I just didn't make time and then I got so behind that I got quite overwhelmed and anyone that knows me knows that when I get overwhelmed I simply choose to avoid whatever it is that stressed me out. Yes, I am VERY aware that that trait is not so good....but come on, I'm 30, I doubt it will change much after perfecting it in the last few years.

My one and only New Year's Resolution is to be more diligent with our family blog than I was last year. Honestly, I don't think I could get any less diligent. Here is my first attempt at being better. We shall see how this year goes....

I uploaded a ton of pictures today and saw this one I took recently. I think this is my favorite picture of Hunter from the last year. Needless to say this little guy LOVES to eat. When he does sit down to eat he is quite precise (any guesses where that trait came from...I'll give you one hint, it's not from me). He gets stressed unless his tray is set up just so, his sippy cup MUST be in the correct spot and his plate must be ON his tray-not just the food, the plate. He also freaks out when food or water drips down his chin. He can usually handle it if there is food on his mouth (see accompanying picture), although not the last week. When it starts to drip he whines incessantly until I get a napkin and wipe his face. It cracks me up, but mostly it's annoying. It makes it hard for me to eat at the same time. Selfish, I know.....

When I took this picture we were at Cracker Barrel on our way home from Utah after Thanksgiving. Somehow he got his hands on a second fork and decided that 2 was definitely better than 1. I can't believe he kept this up long enough for me to get my camera out, but thank goodness he did because I foresee this picture providing up with laughs for years to come.

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