Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's a time for learning

One of the other fun things we got to do in Utah was go to the Children's Museum at the Gateway. We bought a family season pass to the museum in Memphis and we are able to get into all the Children's Museums in the country. It was well worth it, we go to the one here in Vegas regularly.

This was the first time we went to a museum and Hunter really got in to it. Usually he just wanders and occasionally finds something to play with, I guess he is just getting to that age. He had so much fun! His favorite part was the builder section. He loved bringing the shapes up and putting them through the hole. Anything he can throw over and over makes him happy.
He also loved the car. He finally got to play with that illusive steering wheel! He loved pretending to honk the horn and turning the wheel. He even got a fill up from his sister. Wasn't that sweet?
They both got to sit on top of the horse, which I think freaked them out a bit. It's kind of high off the ground and there isn't that much to hold on to.

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the ainge family said...

What a fun place!!! You're pregnant too?? Congrats! I'm about 8 weeks! We're so excited. Looks like the baby's will have a close birthday.