Sunday, August 23, 2009

Zoo Animals

One of the fun things we did in Utah when we went for the 24th of July was going to the Zoo with one of my best friends from way back when and her son, Preston. The kids had so much fun, Madison keeps asking to go back.

I think the reason she keeps asking to go back is not to look at the animals, but to climb all over them. Every time we passed one of the sculptures she could climb on she wouldn't move until we got a
picture of her on the animal. It got really annoying, but the pictures turned out cute.

I think both of the kids liked the carousel the best. They wanted to go back on it the rest of the day. Next time I know to save it for last instead of first. All in all, it was a fun day and not too hot for being July. I loved being able to catch up with Kimberlee. I hardly get to see her, so that was my favorite part of the day :)

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