Sunday, August 23, 2009

An exasperating 24 hours

The other day I discovered my son can now unzip his jammies. A few months ago he was pretty restless at naptime, but I just let him hang out in his crib and he eventually fell asleep. I went in to get him once he woke up and he had thrown all of his bedding out of his crib, taken off his shirt, his pants, and of course his diaper. Apparently that is when he decided to fall asleep because when I went to get him there was a huge pee stain on his sheet. Thankfully that was it....and now I worry about him doing it again. Super.....

(yes, I know he has a pink blanket in his crib. His blanket was in the wash, he doesn't usually sleep on pink... not that I really care anyway. A blanket is a blanket.)

Then, as I was trying to get him ready for the day he would not leave Madison's dress up shoes alone. Usually he is obsessed with my shoes, but he found hers and would not take them off. He was so funny. He won't keep his own shoes on, but he loves playing with other peoples. He thought running away from me in the heels was a fun game. yeah....I thought so to....

Of course this was the same day the kids wanted to play "buckethead." The entire premise of this game is putting a bucket on their head and ramming in to each other over and over again. The problem is that each time they hit each other one of them ends up falling down and crying because it hurts! Really? Who knew????

The best part of the day, however, was when Hunter got ahold of Madison's markers and wrote all over his face. What is it about my kids that they will not stop writing on themselves? Is it really that fun?????

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Sarah said...

Buckethead!! ROFL That is too funny!