Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's bath time!

We have lots of bath time in our house. It is nice, our new house has the shower next to the tub so I can put the kids in and watch them in the mirror while I shower. They much prefer that to showering, they don't like the shower that much.
Anywhoo, Halloween night M picked out a stamp instead of candy at the carnival we went to. We woke up the next morning and she had stamped all over her body, including her face. So, we had a bath day that morning. I had to get a picture because this is not a new experience for us. She loves stamps. It is funny, whenever she sees someone with a tattoo she points them out and says "look mommy, they have stamps on their arm." I like the idea of them being stamps. I dread the day when she figures out they are permanent and asks me for one.

Hunter hates when I do his hair. Is he a boy or what? I can kind of dry it with the towel and then he crawls away from me, after giving me the "look of death." I got a picture of his crazy hair because I am going to cut it on his first birthday, which is only a few weeks away. I cannot believe it has been an entire year since I had him. He is just so cute!
The cutest part of bathtime for me is H and his chubby bum and legs. He was born looking like this, only they are much larger now than they were when he was born. I kept trying to get a picture that showed his cute thighs off without him being naked, but no such luck, so I colored over the "sensitive" areas. Seriously though, is that not the cutest thing ever. He has his little hips and then, Pow! Out come the thighs. He has rolls on top of rolls, and hey, there is no other time in his life that it will be okay to have fat rolls so I am enjoying them now. I will admit that he got them from the Hanson side of the family. No one in the Ainge family has big thighs.


Aunna and Phillip said...

You are not allowed to cut his hair! Let it grow, one day he won't have any so let him have some now!

atsimms said...

CUTE! I love chubby baby legs, thighs, whatever! So fun.

The Bell Fam said...

OH, cute chubby legs. They look like mine, but much cuter.