Saturday, November 8, 2008

It is purge time!

I have finally made some time to catch up on the month of October. It was so busy and it just went by so fast. My friend Cori has a cute way of naming the process of blogging when you blog everything all at once, but I can't remember what she calls it, so I will name this posting "purging." I still have some fun things to blog about but don't count on anything this coming week. Ryan and I are headed to NYC for some fun time together. He has to work one day during the trip but the rest of the time we will be able to do some fun things. Ryan has never been to Ellis Island so this trip we got tickets to go. I love Ellis Island, but each time we went together it was closed. The first time R went to NYC was November of 2001. That was an eerie time in NY history. Definitely a different experience for us at tourists.

Last time we went there was no time. We had a few hours here and there but not enough time to get out there. So, this time we get to go, I am super excited about it because Ellis Island has the coolest feeling/spirit about it. I love history and Ellis Island is such an integral part of our American history.

So, enjoy the posts I have put on and I will have fun pictures and stories to share with you all.

***Correction: R has informed me that I forgot to add Evanescence to our concert list. How did I forget that one? It was the grand opening of The Pearl at the Palm's Hotel and Casino and we sat right in front of the Maloof brothers and actually talked to one of them. I was prego with H and sick, but I made it through the entire show without having to run to the bathroom! Yeah!

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lindsay said...

Wow Amanda! You weren't kidding, you made a ton of posts!!! Catching up must have taken forever! I love October too, it is the greatest month! Your kids were so cute for halloween, I'm glad you had so much fun! Now on to the next holiday!!!