Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fun with Strollers

Madison wants to be the mom of the family so bad, so when I grabbed these pictures it was all I could do to not call her mom. She is so good at keeping Hunter entertained. She was so sad when he was born and just slept all day long. I think she thought we would be bringing home a BFF for her to play with all day. At least she is not mad at him for not being able to play with her much.

After we went trick-or-treating the stroller was in the house for a few day until I got off my lazy bum and took it back to the garage. I would like to say that it was because the kids were having so much fun playing with it that I did not want to interrupt that, yeah, it is because I get lazy with the easy stuff. Anyway, H found it so quick and started crawling up to the "Big Kid Seat" and held on and had so much fun. M found him and got in his seat to walk him around the house. I about fell down laughing when I saw them doing this. At least they were having fun, but don't worry, I am not so lazy that I let them get away with it for long. I didn't want H to fall and get hurt, so needless to say, after this escapade the stroller went back to the garage for storage. But look at their huge smiles! They were having so much fun. If I could have figured out a way for them to do this and have it be safe I totally would have let them keep at it for a few more days at least.

Now, when I need to keep H out of something for a while I convince M to be a great big sis and take him for a spin in her doll stroller. I just know it will get broken from having too much weight in it one day. He is a chunk! I think M was about 20 months old before she weighed what he weighs now. But it is fun and he really enjoys it. And she always makes sure that she buckles him in tight. Yeah, like a velcro seat belt is really gonna help. Her favorite game to play with her stroller is "Going to the Mall." If she is not her parents daughter, right? She gets her stroller, her diaper bag (full of toys), her purse and puts on jewelry and then tells me she is going to the mall. I don't think she has made it to the purchasing part of mall-going yet, but I am just waiting for that after the holiday season is over. We really don't go to the mall much. I spend too much money, but they have a play area for the kids so she loves going. When it is really hot or cold we will go and get lunch and play for a bit, she just loves that.
***Oh, and by the way, you can see my beautiful new blinds in the background. They turned out so pretty I didn't even regret not getting shutters again. Only with blinds the kids end up wanting to play with them more. So now I am constantly worried about them breaking a slat.


Brittany said...

Your kiddos are so cute! I love that Madison plays "going to the Mall" that is hilarious! Soon she'll catch on and enjoy the purchasing part of it!

Christensen's said...

Love the blinds.. Now your not in a fish bowl!! Madison is just like her mom... (not always a bad thing right?!)