Saturday, November 8, 2008

Here are the days of my life

All day long this is what I hear! It is getting worse. I shush him and he does it more. It drives Ryan crazy! We get in the car now and he goes nonstop with the squealing, I can't even hear the radio anymore much less talk on the phone. So, I do apologize to all of you that hear him in the background, just be thankful that your ears get some buffering from the octave. It gets worse when Madison joins in. We were at the park the other day and M was playing on all over the place and H was with me. All of a sudden M starts in with the screeching with another girl and H answers back. It was so funny, at least we were outside for that exercise.

***The video is dark b/c we were in the car, however, I do not think this video is compromised due to the lack of video. You get the picture (pun intended) just listening to the joyous music of children.

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Aunna and Phillip said...

Please check his testosterone levels, or have him turn his head and cough to make sure he is a male because he doesn't sound like one. Poor you:)