Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Well, she finally did it

Madison finally cut her own hair. I just can't believe it. She knows better than to use the sissors we have out of her reach, but the other day she found the little tray in my sewing machine, which, of course, has the little sewing sissors in it. I asked her why she did it and she told me that "she wanted to see if they were toys." Smart, but at the same time why did she decide to try it on her hair????? I trimmed the front chunk to give her wispy bangs, not so bad, but she also took a chunk out of the back of her head. I can kind of cover it up, but it just makes me so sad....her hair just doesn't grow very fast. She will be 8 before it recovers!


Liz said...

How sad! But I can't tell from the picture that she cut it. You did a good job fixing it.

atsimms said...

We are lucky that the hair cutter in our family is Carson. I will cry when and if Adi cuts her own hair because it too grows SO SLOW! You did a good job though. I think her bangs are cute.

lindsay said...

So sad! But she still looks so cute! That's the hard part about girls hair, if they cut it, it takes forever to grow back--if my boys did that, you couldn't even tell after a few days! She is so smart with her excuses too, I love it!!! It reminds me of a certain "doctor" episode.....!!!!