Sunday, April 1, 2012

Madison's Piano Recital 2011

Madison has been playing the piano for a few years now and really, really enjoys it.  She loves to practice and gets so excited when she passes off her weekly songs.  She does not like it when she has to play the same songs two weeks in a row. That makes for a happy mommy-- I don't like paying for two weeks of the same lessons.

This year she had a recital at Christmas time.  She LOVED playing Christmas fact, she is still playing the Christmas songs every chance she gets.

She was able to perform: Deck the Halls and Jingle Bells

And what was Presley doing while the students were all performing??????  Playing with her bottle of course.

At home Hunter and Presley love when Madison practices.  They love the music in the house.  So when she is at school I will regularly find them on the piano "practicing."  It is adorable.

Hopefully they will enjoy practicing this much when they start taking their own lessons.

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