Friday, September 30, 2011

It's the end of an era (sort of)

Madison played soccer for a second season this past spring.  She enjoyed it, but didn't love it so I told her that she could either play soccer again next season or do gymnastics instead.  She picked gymnastics (*gasp* shocking!) and so we said goodbye to her wonderful team after a great season.  She had such fantastic coaches and the girls were so sweet, and I actually liked the parents.  I would have loved to play with all of them again this season, but Madison put in 2 seasons and decided it wasn't for her.

Ryan and I were not sad at all.  In fact, we threw a party to celebrate not having a soccer player for 6 whole months!  Hunter will be old enough in the spring....and then my life, once again, will be taken over by soccer.

Here is a montage of Soccer 2011.  We got some fantastic pictures of Madison and we will remember soccer with fondness, but still jump for joy that she didn't love it.

Here are Presley and Hunter, hanging out during her games.  You know, just because they are so cute.

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