Friday, September 30, 2011

Dancin' the night away

Madison started dance with Ms. Brenda this past year and LOVED IT!  I moved her from the rec center for a few different reasons, but the biggest one being that I wanted her to have more opportunities to perform than the 2 times a year her rec center class set up.

With Ms. Brenda they do 3 or 4 parades, a Halloween show, a few different retirement homes, plus the Logandale (Clark County) fair and their end of the year extravaganza!  We stay really busy with her performances, but Madison absolutely loves them. 

This little girl adores dancing!  She dances around the house ALL. THE. TIME.  It gets a bit annoying, but I'm glad we found something that she enjoys so much.  This year I've put her in to the gymnastics class as well.  I'm getting extremely annoyed with the constant flipping, but again, she loves it so much and is really good at it.

Here's a montage of her dancing last year.  A few of the pictures came from a 2nd dance class she did last year with a neighbor that was a professional dancer (no, not that kind) before she had kids.  She focused more on technique and Madison really enjoyed getting more dance time in.

Can I just say, Madison is a born dancer, she has the sass and attitude down pat!  She has absolutely NO stage fright and seems to really love the crowds.  I may be biased, but she is for sure one of the best dancers up there!

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