Saturday, August 20, 2011

Madison's Quilt

So I finally got my act together and took a class to learn all about the art of making t-shirt quilts.  For years I have wanted to make a quilt out of all of Madison's old baby clothes, the special ones at least.  So this summer I hired the cutest little girls to come watch my kids while I was gone for 5 hours a day for one week.  The kids had the best time with the girls, and I got to learn how to put the quilt together so I could FINALLY get rid of the clothes I've been hanging on to for years.

After roughly 70 hours of work (aka ignoring my kids), here is the result

I'm so excited to make one for each of my younger kids, I have plans to make one for them once they turn 5.

I loaned all Hunter's younger clothes to in-laws for their little guys, so next time I'm in Utah I'll have to dig through and make sure to grab all the things that are special to me so nothing gets lost.  Especially now that I know for sure what I'm doing...there were some things of Madison's that just wouldn't work in a quilt, and other things that I didn't think would work but did. 

I started a bucket for Presley's stuff and it's getting pretty full already...I'm a bit worried her quilt will end up being really, really large.  Madison's ended up a queen and I kept a lot more of Presley's stuff (well, that and she has a LOT more stuff than Madison did.)

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