Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our new backyard

We've been really, really busy since Christmas.  It seems like the older I get the faster time goes, especially January and February (or at least I'm hoping the rest of the year will slow down a bit).  One of the biggest reasons is because we have been working so hard on putting the swing set together that the kids got for Christmas.

Since we were going to put the swing set together we decided to bite the bullet and finish off the backyard.  Ugh.  I hate putting money into landscaping, but it did need to be done and it does look nice.  Plus it's a bit more fun for the kids now.

This is what half of our backyard looked like before we started (well, before hardly anything had been done to it).  One big "dirt pit" as I have *affectionately* entitled it.

After the landscaper leveled the yard as much as he could we had curbing put in.

Then it was time for the trees and plants to be put in.  We did 8 trees, and I think 15 plants (I keep forgetting to count them.)

Then the outer part had to be prepped for the fake grass.  Yes, we went fake....we hate yard work.

Then the fake stuff had to be put in.  Yay!

Once everything finally got put in we started building the swing set....Oh, the fun......

We had to measure and lay out all of the pieces...that took about 2 hours.

We spend a LOT of time hunched down the first day, Ryan and I were SO sore.

At the end of the day this is what we had accomplished (8 hours we spend on this dang part).

Day 2:

Putting the finishing touches on:

And here it is!  Our backyard:

At some point in time we will get on the ball and order rubber chips for the grey area, but as of right now I am FINISHED with the dang back yard.  Phew!

In total it took us, both working, about 22 hours to put the swing set together.  It was a massive project.  We are so glad to have it finished.


Julie said...

it is PERFECT! I can't believe how beautiful it turned out. Congrats!!!

Liz said...

Very impressive! Want to come put our future swing set together? :) It looks like your kids love it!