Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thanksgiving 2010

***It's March and I'm finally able to blog our Thanksgiving trip from last year....We have had a busy, busy last few months.  But we had so much fun that I couldn't just not blog it at all!

This past year we had Thanksgiving with the Ainge's and Christmas with the Hanson's.  So, for Thanksgiving we went to Utah for a few days to join in the annual festivities.

We ended up leaving a day earlier than we had planned because of the "White-out" that was supposed to hit the next day.  It ended up being almost nothing (which I found hilarious), but we got to Utah safe, which was all that mattered.

The night we arrived we celebrated Hunter's birthday.  This year he got a Spider man cake, which he LOVED!  He loves all things Spider man.

He got a kick out of getting to blow out his candles.  It was really the first time he "got" what was happening.

He got presents, which he found SO exciting!  He loves to open presents.  He got his first BYU hoodie, a Toy Story car ramp, a Dinosaur, a Build-a-bear Batman outfit and giftcard, and a fun DVD.  He had so much fun!

The Ainge family has a tradition of each person making a pie for the big day on Wednesday.  Madison and Ryan both made apple, Madison got a kick out of getting to make her own.  What did I make?  I paid homage to my southern roots by making an AMAZING Sweet Potato Pie.  Oh, it was delicious!

We always spend Thanksgiving day at Grandma Ainge's house with the entire extended family.  This year I got a picture of all the younger kids together.  It way quite the ordeal!  Trying to get multiple young kids to all look at the same camera and smile at the same time can only be described, it was *fun*.  But I got a decent one out of it.  We only grabbed the kids that had been born since Ryan and I got married (otherwise it would have been HUGE).
I also got a few pictures of Presley with the cousins that were born really close to her.  I love that my kids get to grow up with cousins their own age (at least they get some on Ryan's side since MY sister's aren't providing any for them! Don't get mad, I'm just giving you a hard time because I love you and I can :)~).  I love all of my cousins and have REALLY enjoyed all the times we spent together growing up, and then now as adults ourselves.  I'm hoping my kids will feel the same way about theirs.

Presley and Malea, Malea was born almost a month after Presley.

This is Presley with Allen, Ryan's brother's first baby.  Presley is about 4 months older than him.  We had a hard time getting these two to stop looking at each other!  They were each fascinated with the other one!

Our biggest adventure over the weekend was trying to get the annual Live Nativity picture we do with the kids.  Again, trying to get all the kids to look at the camera and not make funny faces was not easy (but I got funny pictures for the "blooper reel" under the picture we picked)!  But we did it!  We got a good one for my Mother-in-law.

Hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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