Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Boy's Life: Building Towers

I've been making fun of Hunter a ton on facebook lately for all of his girly tendencies.  Maybe I shouldn't, but it's fun and I probably won't be stopping anytime soon.  I figure if I laugh about all the kids put me through I won't feel compelled to bang my head against the wall quite so frequently.

More often than not during the day he exhibits boy traits.  I promise, he is all boy.  He simply is surrounded by girls and doesn't realize that playing barbies just as one example is more of a girl thing.  This is what he was doing the other day while I played on the computer. 

***Don't tell Ryan I let him, he gets mad at me when I don't stop him.  He is still under the impression that I actually have control over the kids.

He loves to build a tower out of our Cd's and then kick them over.  Every time they would fall over he would go "Whoa, cool!"  He did this for about an hour.  I figure it wasn't harming anything and I got computer time...I'm sure if I was a better mom I would care and would have stopped it, but then he would have gotten into trouble and I wasn't really in the mood to yell at him and send him to timeout.

Um, yeah, and the underwear thing is normal at our house.  The second he comes in the door he strips his clothes off and runs around like that.  As long as he will let me put clothes on him when we leave the house without a battle I don't care.  Plus, I think he is so stinkin' cute in just his underoos.

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