Monday, August 30, 2010

Um, I think those are a little big for you

Hunter decided to put on his daddy's shorts.  I think he has a little bit of growing to do before they fit him.

So he decided to use them as a blanket while he watched Sesame Street.

Whatever works, dude.


JR and Brynn said...

So cute!! Looks like his daddy in those. :) I can't believe Madison is in 1st grade. That makes me sad. I miss the little tiny girl she was when I lived there. I miss you guys. :)

Julie said...

what are you talking about - they're perfect! LOL I didn't know Madison had Mrs. Helseth. Abi had her too. It was fun seeing you guys at school yesterday and Madison looked so excited!

Aunna and Phillip said...

Almost as cute and fits almost as well as when he tried my bra on, let's hope he never needs one of those:)