Monday, July 5, 2010

Catching up with Hunter

Hunter is starting to get quite the personality lately. For so long he has just followed Madison around and copied her as she plays. He is now coming up with funny things all by himself. Here are a few of his funny moments.....

Hunter got a 4 wheeler for Christmas this year and a dart gun for his last birthday. Being a boy he ended up putting the two together and this is the result.

The funny thing is that both Ryan and I have some serious hunters in our extended family, so of course I get a kick out of Hunter acting out hunting. Especially since there is close to a zero percent chance of his daddy ever taking him hunting.

He also recently discovered toothpicks. Whenever we go out to eat Madison looks for the toothpick dispenser and gets one for everyone in the family except me (I think it is beyond tacky to pick your teeth in public) and Hunter thinks it is so fun to put them in his mouth. He looks like such a southern boy, because many southern boys I have known chew on toothpicks all day long. I don't know if it's a southern thing or if I just mostly notice it when I am in the south, but he looks so adorable with it at the side of his mouth all day long.

It amazes me how every once and a while the kids will do something and it will hit me how grown up they are. Or they will exhibit a behaviour or mannerism that will be more adult than child. His toothpick habit is one of them for me.

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