Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Time goes way too fast

My baby girl turned 4 weeks today. I am so sad! I just want her to stay this little forever. She is so incredibly sweet and just wants to be held all the time. I have had a ton of help so I have obliged her as much as I could.

She is growing like a weed, but is still small, much like my other two. She still wears newborn diapers, but this isn't too surprising since Madison was in them for 6 weeks. She eats like a champ and is my only baby that didn't lose weight her first week.

She is a great, great sleeper. We haven't had a "pacing" night yet (knock on wood, literally, I'm knocking on wood) but she does like to snuggle, which is awesome until I want to sleep, then she protests, quite loudly, that she doesn't want to sleep by herself. It's a battle we are working out.

Overall I love this kid to death. She is so sweet and I am so grateful for her (not to mention that I am so incredibly grateful that I am no longer pregnant).

I don't look forward to doing her 2 month post because I know I will be having a hard time with how fast the time will go between now and then. Until then I will simply enjoy the snuggle time she allows me each day.


Laura said...

such a cute picture!! Who took it?

Amanda said...

I took it actually. My sister and I used our camera's and put her in her outfit and pretended to be photographers. Thankfully a few turned out great!

Christensen's said...

Love the picture!!! So darling!!!