Monday, February 1, 2010

The games we play

My kids never seem to surprise me with their creativity and ideas for new fun games. This game has been going on in my home for almost a year now. It used to be that Mads would have to convince Hunter to play, but now he goes and gets buckets for both of them and puts Madison's on her head for her. Sometimes she is just not in the mood, but he is quite persistent. I snagged these pictures a few months ago while I was getting ready for the day. These kids continually crack me up. Madison is so gentle with Hunter and he slams into her full force. At least it is not the other way around!

It reminds me of what Ryan likes to quote REGULARLY; he was watching some show without me and he couldn't stop laughing when the parents on the show were talking to some of their friends and they said how they noticed that their kids enjoyed playing with the boxes that their presents/toys came in more than they enjoyed the toy. So the parents decided to get their kids some boxes for a birthday or something. To quote Ryan, the show said "The problem was we decided to put the boxes in gift bags and now the kids aren't interested in boxes anymore, they now play with the gift bag instead." I thought that was quite apropos for this scenario. Seriously, they dump out their toys to play with the buckets they are stored in....go figure.


Liz said...

CUTE! It makes me want to go out and buy buckets for my kids. You are so much better than I am. I just have a big basket and throw all the toys in there. I am too lazy to sort them out in different buckets.

Famous Amos said...

I need to start checking your blog more now that you are posting again!!! I LOVE IT!!! Cute pictures of the kids. I loved the post about Madison truning 5---way cute!