Wednesday, January 27, 2010

To blog or not to blog.....

Many of you have given me a hard time for not blogging as much as I once did, I am trying to rectify that, however, this is an example as to why I was not as diligent as I had been.

There was quiet in the house for 2 minutes, the result:

In the few minutes I spent trying to finish up yesterday's blog post my dear, sweet monster of a little boy found Madison's chalk and wrote all over the wall of the landing midway up our stairs. No big deal, right? Chalk should be easy to get off. It would be, except in our case our home builder did not believe that painting the walls correctly was their responsibility (or so I have concluded, it's the one thing about our house that ticks me off). Our walls were painted, not with primer, but with watered down flat paint. Basically it is drywall, so as a result, anytime I have needed to wipe down the walls the paint comes off and I am left with whatever the texture is made of. So now in order to get rid of the chalk I will have to paint over it, but I'm figuring that the chalk would bleed through the flat paint they gave us instead of covering the mess. So, looks like it will stay as is until we have our entire home painted correctly using a primer.

What made it even worse was that Madison did not come and tell me what had happened right away. Why? Because just a few days ago we gave her a talking to about the fact that she cannot use her chalk when Hunter is awake and it should always be kept on a shelf he cannot reach, or else her chalk and chalkboard would be taken away. She got a towel and put water and soap on it to try and hide the mess. The result is smeared orange, green and blue chalk on my wall.

Oh, the joys of I have to decide if I am willing to go through with my promise of taking away her chalkboard. I'm one of those mom's that works really hard at not threatening something I am not willing to follow through on, sometimes I hate being the mean parent all the time. Why couldn't she just followed the rules?


Julie said...

every time I try to blog, something crashed or the kids immediately start fighting? Is it all worth it??? Oh YES! Keep Blogging! :)

Laura said...

blog blog blog yes blog it's such a good way to keep in touch, keep a journal, and a scrapbook all in one. The way I look at you are actually saving yourself time. Kids will be kids it will happen no matter what your doing:)