Saturday, September 27, 2008

Playing catchup

I know I have not blogged in forever! I have been so busy that I haven't even sat at the computer for about 3 weeks until today. Needless to say I have also not been great with my emails (big suprise there, huh). Thankfully my phone gets them so I know that I have not completely ignored anyone!

I have added so many fun things that have happened over the past 2 months, including something new. I have decided to do shoutouts to the special people in my life when they have special occasions. I wanted to start with Madison's birthday, seeing that it is Sept. 2-something (I don't even know the date today) and I didn't do it, I decided to start with Ariane's graduation and Aunna's birthday, both in August. At least I am only a month late with these. Sorry! I am simply a huge slacker! I put songs on both of their slideshows so make sure you stop one before starting the other. If I was more technically talented I might know how to delay one or something. Since I am not you will want to make sure only one plays at a time.

Our family has had lots of changes the last month. We rented out our old house and moved to our new house. We love it! One day I may actually show pictures from the inside, but since I still have a few items that I just don't know where to put so they are out in the open, that day is not right now. Come visit us and I will give you the grand tour (our master closet is droolworthy, trust me). Right now I will settle showing a picture of our old house and our new house.


Liz said...

Do you really already have a yard in!?! Your car looks comfy in the garage, lots of space for it to lounge around. I can't wait to see pictures of the inside.

Amy said...

Are you guys still in Vegas or Henderson somewhere? We are driving through next week and staying with my sister in North Vegas...may have some time Wednesday morning (Oct. 8) and would love to drop by and say hello! Email me if you are open for it! amyboam[at]