Thursday, August 7, 2008

Madison turns 4!

Madisons's birthday was July 8 and we had a party at Bounce U to celebrate. Her party was 2 weeks after her birthday, I know, I just am not that on top of things, but to celebrate her actual day we had so much fun together just the two of us (well, 3 with Hunter).
We went out to lunch at Pick Up Stix, she LOVES Chinese food, and then went to ColdStone for ice cream. She rarely gets ice cream so it was a big treat for her. She picked chocolate, big surprise there, with sprinkles. Yumm. Once Ryan came home we took her to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. She loves pizza and we love the free birthday pizza for the kid's club there. California Pizza Kitchen is located in this new outdoor mall Vegas has. The best part is the kids play area. There is a big tree house fort with a maze and (drum roll please) a sprinkler park. She LOVES playing there, so for her birthday she got to play for 1/2 hour or so. She loves the park and all the fun things to do and she always finds a little friend to play with and runs around with the biggest smile on her face. She had all her favorite things that day! I even let her wear her favorite dress. Why is it her favorite you ask? Well, since she has been watching all the Disney Princess movies she is all about "twirling." The dress I let her wear is her favorite for the same reason it is my least favorite, because all she will do in it is twirl (refer to her preschool graduation movie, she does the same thing in it). She won't sit down or pay attention. All day long she twirls. She won't let me tie the strings in a bow because then they don't flare out when she "twirls." My mom bought it for her when we went to Memphis for my dad's canoe race. We took her to church in it and what a mistake that was. When she went to primary instead of sitting down like all the other sunbeams she got up for every song and danced and twirled. My dad was in there and was so embarrassed! Poor Dad! Neither Ryan nor I can sit still so I can't figure out for the life of my where she gets this horrible habit!

Her party was so much fun. We invited all of her friends and just had a great time! They got to bounce for 75 minutes and then we had cake and ice cream and opened presents. It was a great party, and the best part was that I did not have to clean my house, come up with party games, chase down kids or clean up. I love location birthday parties. The girls that worked the party were awesome too, they played with the kids and made sure all of them had so much fun! It was great!

Madison got this birthday crown for her first birthday (thanks Kathy) and she wears it once a year on her birthday and that is it. It has been fun to have something special just for the one day a year. I pulled it out again this year and her friends loved it. One of her little boy friends was playing with it and I got a picture of him putting it on while trying to be discrete at the same time. I also found these awesome cupcakes at Costco, they have cake and ice cream in one cupcake. It made cleanup easy and only required hands to eat it! Whoo Hoo! I am all about easy. Madison's favorite part was the sprinkles. The girl adores sprinkles!

When the party was over we were starved, none of us had had dinner yet. So Ryan asks Madison where she wants to eat. When you ask her what her favorite restaurants are she says Costco and Burger King, so Ryan was expecting one of those two answers. What does she say though? Cheesecake Factory! I think this girl is spoiled rotten!

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