Thursday, July 24, 2008

Teaching Hunter tricks

I get such a kick out of seeing Madison teach Hunter tricks. She just wants him to grow up so fast and play with her and he wants to grow up fast to be her. Hunter just adores his big sister. It is sweet, hopefully they will always be close and enjoy each others company. Here is one of my favorite videos of them together. I took it a while ago when Hunter was first starting to crawl and Madison was trying to be helpful, of course. I think she just wants to be the best big sister ever, and she is pretty close, she is a great sister. He is a great crawler now, although, he just wants to run. My favorite part is Madison in the beginning says "Come on Hunter, I know you can do it." She is always so encouraging.


Liz said...

I don't know which part I liked better, Madison laughing at herself or Hunter being entertained by his big sis.

atsimms said...

I love giggly little girls. They will be such good friends as they grow up. Hope you guys are doing well. How is the house coming?

The Bell Fam said...

What a cute big sissy she is. How fun. Miss you guys.